Wednesday, September 28, 2011

snap shots

why is it that no one is ever there to take my picture when i want one?  maybe it's because i never really do want my picture taken but today for some reason i did.  really i should not have desired such a thing. of all the times to take a picture, today was not one of them. gabby was up twice last night and going to bed at 1:00 am doesn't really help either.  maybe she's starting to get her top teeth?  not sure.  i was exhausted and extra exhausted after the rotten day i had at school.  sometimes i wonder "what on earth did i get myself into teaching 28 kindergartners?"  no wonder i am getting pre mature wrinkles and massive bags under my eyes.  but who cares.  no one was home but me and G so i took matters into my own hands and let the camera take pictures of us (kinda).  good thing he knows how to snap some shots by himself.    i could kick myself for not taking more pictures of gabby and me earlier so here's to a new start.  even though most of them are blurry or too light- who's me and G.
haha i love little g's eyes in this super blurry pic.  it's hard taking a self portrait with a huge camera

love this face

and this one too


sinika said...

Cute!! That's how I get in the pics too... haha!

Mrs. Ham said...

ohhh i miss yo gabba gabba. next week! these are the most precious photos ever!

Leslee said...

Cuteness! Good idea. I'm never in pictures with the kids!

Isaac, Lia and Nash said...

You got some really great ones!!

Mama Swalz said...

such cute pics!