Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good for the Heart

Since Scottie has signed up for the Saint George Marathon, he has been running his little guts out!  Since I like to run I thought it would be fun to train together.... until he starts geting into the higher digits that is.  I was a little worried that maybe I should have stayed solo, but I think I surprised myself!  Lately Scottie and I have been running up to the temple and back which is five miles from our house.  I usually just go for three and call it quits.  Tonight we ran up to the high school and back which is a grand total of 8 1/2 miles!!! As for me, well I have really enjoyed running with my sweetheart for a few good reasons like...

-I get to spend more time with my man
-Scottie is my personal cheerleader.  He is constantly cheering me on when I feel like walking instead of running
-Men work out harder, therefore....I work out harder.  
-We talk about our day, buying a house, work, funny stories and before you know it we've gone a mile
-I get to run through the sprinklers (yay!)
-It makes me appreciate my man more because I KNOW he can run a lot faster and a lot further but he sticks with me instead of leaving me in the dust
-It feels really good when I'm done
-It's good for the more than one way ;-)

Thanks babe for pushing me!! Love you! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Late Update...

So a lot has happened since.....February? Geez I'm a slacker!! But now that school is finally out I can finally blog!! Here's what we've been up to. I'll post our Europe trip soon...but don't hold your breath haha!


My cute little nephew was born!! Ya I'm a terrible aunt and now just finally doing this but, he is just so stinkin cute!!

Lincoln Noah Swalberg
March 26th, 2009
9 lbs 7 oz- 19 1/2 inches

Scottie finally came home from his THREE MONTH accouting internship with
RSM McGladrey. I was so excited to finally have him home that I got a little carried away with the signs...

Chelcie helped me put up missing posters around the house....we thought we were pretty funny.

I'm so glad to have Scottie home so I can finally:
-hang out with him
-snuggle before bedtime
-go on a date
-not be so lonely
-not be scared that someone will try to break in my house....haha
-have him kill the spiders
-make dinner for two
there's so much more but I won't bore you

Welcome home babe!!


For Easter weekend we met up with Scott's family in Brianhead. We stayed at the Spruce Haven Cabin just like last year! We had a blast playing card games, eating junk and of course....hitting the slopes!

Scottie and I in an intense game of California Speed....I always get so frustrated because I never win.

Me & Josie (Scottie's Niece)

I think Scottie is about to sneeze in this one...sorry babe.

While we were skiing they had people skiiing/boarding down the hill and then across this big pool of water! I don't think I would have the guts to do this mainly because you have to gain a lot of speed to get across the water to avoid falling in (going to fast freaks me out) and second of all I wouldn't want to go for a dip in the frigid waters? But it was fun entertainment.

I think this guy sprayed us all....and then I was done.

Happy Easter!


The month of May is every teachers favorite month. Not only because school is finally out but because of Teacher Appreciation Week! This years theme was Rock Star Teachers. Each day they pampered us with Breakfast or Lunch (which was always yummy) and they set out each teachers favorite snack throughout the day to munch on during recess or prep! On Friday they had us dress up like rock stars and the teachers got to play Rock Band during the assembly for the kids! I think I have the best room mothers in the whole world!! Each day for the whole week they would come in for an hour and kick me out to "Go take a break, kick my feet up, call my husband" While I was away they were secretly getting to work for a surprise. Every day after lunch I would come back and find these wonderful pieces of work! Thanks Marilyn & Amy It really was a fantastic pamper week :-)

My rockin A-track class
Me and my little Ash, gotta love this girl! I think I'll stick with being blond and stay away from the pixie.

The Heartbreakers (band members left to right: Misty Hall, Christie Lamb, Christine Mair, Chelcie Christensen). Yes, we did perform live in front of the whole school. Can you guess who was nominated to sing?
The last day of school was really sad. I have really grown close to all of my kids & parents this year and wish I could have them again next year. Scottie always laughs because at the beginning of each school year I always freak out that my kids personalities aren't as cute and fun as my last class, but then I always end up TOTALLY loving them and not wanting to let them go to second grade. I know.... I'm a mixed up teacher.