Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special Delivery

If you can only imagine that the same person (me, Christie, soon to be mama) wrote the previous post and this soon to be post you'd be quite shocked! Lets travel back to January 10th, 2011 and allow me to explain...

This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and rolled out of bed (literally rolled) with a quiet heave to go to the bathroom while trying to be oh so careful not to wake my hard working husband. I looked at the clock shocked that it was already 6:00! I was expecting 4:00 or 5:00 for some reason. Then my mind starting wandering about how this is about the time I wake up every morning to get ready for school. Then I thought to myself "This is my LAST day of sleeping in!! I need to go back to bed and live it up while I can." as I tucked myself back in to bed, the realization hit me that this was going to be my last day of being pregnant and that sometime today I would be getting a call from the doctors office telling me what time I should come in to be induced tomorrow. I then knew that I would not be going back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I had too many thoughts running around in my head to try and sleep. Then my stomach started to growl so I once again, rolled out of bed and went downstairs to eat an orange and string cheese. Then I planned to get back into bed and try to live up my last moments of uninterrupted sleep. Just as I got back into bed, I noticed it was 7:15. So much for sleeping in. I laid in bed until 8:00 and then said goodbye to my hubby as he left for work. I told him I'd call as soon as I heard from the doctors office.

Well the day dragged on and I never did get back to sleep. So around nine I got up and went downstairs to get started on my day. At 10:00 Scott's sister Audrey came up to meet her soon to be niece that would be arriving the next day. She took me to breakfast and then we went to run some last minute errands before the babe arrived. Later on we went over to my mamas to do some passing of the time while canning some good ol' applesauce. I was trying to be patient the whole time knowing that sometime soon I would be receiving an anticipated phone call. Well, time went on I started thinking that maybe they had forgotten about me. I've never had a baby so I didn't exactly know how this whole process worked. Then the phone calls and texts started coming from family and friends and everyone was just as anxious as I was and wondering what time I was going in to be induced in the morning. After talking to my sister she told me that I should just call and find out. I didn't want to be the annoying first time mom so I waited till 5:30. I then called the hospital, since I figured my doctor's was most likely closed, and talked to the lady at the scheduling desk. I explained the situation of how my doctor had scheduled to induce me tomorrow but I hadn't heard anything yet. She then asked me for my name and looked me up only to give me the awful news that I wasn't on the schedule! I was VERY disappointed!! How could this happen! Then she asked me if I was sure that I was suppose to be induced tomorrow or maybe if it was Wednesday instead but I knew for a fact that he said Tuesday 1/11/11. I remembered that date because it was my original due date before they moved my due date up because I was measuring big, and it was exactly a week since I saw the doctor. The conversation I had with my doctor a week prior ran through my head. I remembered every detail even the fact that he said he would be on call and that he would be the one to deliver me if I hadn't had her before then. Was I dreaming? Did my pregnant mind dream it up? I knew I was right. I was for sure on the date. She then advised me to call my doctors office after hours line and talk to them since she couldn't do anything about it unless they heard from my doctor.

Well, since I am 41 weeks plus a day prego, a little, no scratch that, WAY emotional I instantly burst into tears the second I hung up the phone. I was beyond upset!! I was outraged! This whole nine months I was preparing for this and was freaked out of my mind each day that grew closer to my due date and when I finally accepted the fact that I was having a baby and that everything would be ok, they tell me "just kidding your not having a baby tomorrow!" My mom came rushing over to me to see what was the matter and I told her the whole story of me being overlooked. Since I couldn't calm down she took matters into her own hands and asked if I I wanted her to call the doctors office for me. Of course!?? There was no way I could compose myself to even talk about the issue. So, she called and explained the situation (while pretending the whole time to be me) and then hung up. She informed me that the doctor on call at the hospital would call me to tell me the new plan.

Ten minutes later, my phone rang and I finally had calmed down enough to hide my tears on the phone. I explained the situation about how I was suppose to be induced tomorrow but no one ever called me so that's when I called to find out what was going on only to find out that I wasn't on the schedule. His response you ask?? Well that little tird thought that I had misunderstood the doctor because Dr. Watabe wasn't even on call tomorrow but he was on Wednesday so he must have meant Wednesday the 12th not Tuesday the 11th. I then told him that I remembered exactly what he told me. I wasn't even on Wednesday schedule either so there must have been a goof somewhere. Well, that's when Mr. on call doctor said the wrong thing and asked the overdue prego girl "Are you sure you aren't just trying to be induced because it's 1/11/11. I know it's a popular date and a lot of girls are trying to have their babies that day." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I was beyond annoyed! If he was sitting in front of me I would have reached over and slapped him in the face. He then told me that he would put me on Tuesday's AND Wednesday's schedule and that I should call the doctors office at nine the next morning and figure out what to do from there. Great, that's awesome news? I was depressed and realized that I would most likely not be holding my baby girl the next day.

About 15 minutes later, the scheduling nurse called and asked me about the situation again. I told her the whole story and then she had the audacity as well to ask me "Are you sure you're just not trying to be induced because it's 1/11/11?" Really people??? How dare you! She told me that she could put me on the list to be induced tomorrow but they would most likely not get to me because I would be last on the list, or she could put me down for Wednesday and I would be number 3 on the list and for sure get to have the baby. She also said I could think about it and call her back. Seriously folks??? I don't care if it's Friday the 13th or New Years Day! You told me I was having a baby and now you're turning me away! Are you dumb?? Yes I would at least like to try and get in tomorrow so put me down and if you don't then Wednesday it is!! Geez!!

That night I went to bed with the worst headache ever. I had just accepted the fact that come Wednesday I would finally be a mom, or if I was lucky I would put myself into labor due to all the annoying people I had to deal with. Then I grew jealous that some lady who got to PICK her induction date was going to be walking in to the hospital bright and early probably before she even reached her due date while I was sitting at home 8, soon to be 9 days overdue. I had expected a call the next day from the hospital telling me when to come in but I was not ready when I received a call at 7:30 a.m. The second my phone rang I knew exactly who it would be and what they wanted so I was irritated that they w0uld call so early to tell me that they would most likely get to me around midnight or something. To my surprise.....they told me to come in at 8:30 in the a.m.!!!! Holy crap!!! Did the 70 people on the list before me magically pop out a babe in the middle of the night so I could come in? Luck was definitely on my side but I wasn't about to get my hopes up when I got to the hospital so I told my hubby to be prepared to get turned away once we got there. We quickly got up grabbed everything and rushed out the door to be sure I was on time just in case. Scottie wanted to call everyone and tell them that we were finally on our way to the hospital but I told him we should wait till I actually had a room, a bed, a gown, and some freaking pitocin, because I was not going to get hyped up over nothing.

We finally reached the hospital, parked and walked up to labor and delivery. The second I walked in the door they greeted me and asked to my surprise "Are you Christie?" All I could think of was YES! They really are expecting me!!! They walked me right down to room number 2 and told me to gown up! I was shocked! This really was going to happen today! I really was going to be a mama and hold my baby girl!

Last picture of prego me!

Family of 2 soon to be 3!

After I gowned up the nurse came in asked me the last time I ate. I was sad to tell her that I didn't even think to eat this morning so the last time was last night! I was starving!!! I really wished I had eaten because I knew it was going to be a LONG journey ahead of me and I wouldn't be able to eat anything but Popsicles and jello till baby G arrived. Blah. She hooked up my IV and at 9:05 my doctor came in all out of breath. He explained the whole situation about how he was totally planning on me coming in to be induced but his office didn't get the schedule over in time. He apologized from head to toe, but I on the other hand didn't care one bit at this point because well, I was having a baby today no matter what! And so the adventure began!!!

9:15- Doctor Watabe broke my water and started me on pitocin. Sadly enough I was only 90% efaced and dilated to a 1 1/2 still. No news to me since I was still a 1 1/2 at my last doctors appointment.

10:00- Pitocin was increased and I was having a few contractions with a little pressure but no pain...yet.

2:09 - Making big progress now and dilated a.....2. I was getting really sleepy and wanted to enjoy a cat nap before I was a mama. I realized that I couldn't relax and since I was planning on getting an epidural I decided to call the anesthesiologist in to get rid of the nasty contraction that seemed to last for 45 minutes straight. I knew pitocin would make the contractions stronger but I didn't think it would make them last for 45 minutes straight??? So that's when we called in Mr. Rick....I think that was his name? And he sat me up to start me on the epidural. To my surprise the pain stopped completely and I wondered if I should wait longer to get the epidural and just move positions. That's when I realized that I was just too tall for the stupid bed and there was no way I was going to get comfortable no matter how hard I tried so I said screw it just hook me up I'm takin a nap! Lame I know, couldn't even make it past a 2. But I know myself and I didn't want to have an extreme anxiety attack once the contractions really kicked in.

3:06- Making even bigger progress now haha and I was then dilated to a 3. I know. Huge progress right?

4:00- Finally things started kicking in and I went from a 3-6 in less than an hour. The nurse was shocked she thought it would take a lot longer!

4:15- Massive contractions and I started breathing as if the oxygen in the room was slowly running out. I knew that I would feel pressure, the anesthesiologist told me that, but it felt as if I was about to give birth to an elephant and I wanted to push like no tomorrow!!!! My back was killing me and the nurse decided that she should call the anesthesiologist back in to take a peek.

4:30-Mr. Rick walked in he said "Oh, you shouldn't be breathing like that??" Then he gave me a shot and said it would completely numb my legs for only an hour and then wear off. After about fifteen minutes I felt like a renewed woman and became soooo grateful for the genius out there who invented the epidural. Ahhhh :-) Big thanks to Scottie for letting me squeeze the crap out of his hand.

5:00- Dilated to a 7 and was getting feeling back in my legs again.

5:55- I had arrived at a 9 1/2!!!! It slowly hit me that my little girl was on her way and it wouldn't be long until I got to hold her in my arms. I then got to order some room service so that I could eat right away before the kitchen closed!! I can't tell you how hungry I was I think I could have ordered everything on the menu if they would have let me!

6:30- Nurses switched shifts and Miss Jaclyn came in to announce that she would be my nurse! I absolutely loved her! I was so pleased that she would be helping with the delivery.

6:40- Miss Jaclyn gave me instructions on what to do. I just loved the way she described it "Ok honey, we're going to have you put your chin to your chest, curl around your baby like a C, grab the back of your legs and take a big deep breath, then your gonna push like you have been constipated for the past 2 years, Ok?" haha easy enough! I was ready!! I sure loved her!

7:05-After 25 minutes of pushing...
Little miss Gabby Jean Lamb arrived on her original due date 1/11/11
Weighing 8 lbs 10 oz
A long, lean 20 inches!

It was one of the greatest moments of my life getting to hold her for the first time.

Our family of three

Daddy and his little girl

Auntie Megs and Uncle Tanner

Grammy and Grandpa

Getting scrubbed down by the nurse with the massive tatoo down her arm.... a little inappropriate don't ya think?

Finally all cleaned up and back in my arms

We are absolutely in love with this little girl and couldn't be happier parents! I couldn't have asked for a more smother delivery! So like I said in the beginning. If you can imagine that the same person wrote the previous post you'd laugh. I can finally say that after all my worries and woes and being terribly frightened to go through the whole labor and delivery process, wouldn't you know.....I would do it ALL over again in a heartbeat! Welcome to the family Baby G!

Friday, January 7, 2011

hormonal anxiety

Last night was quite a roller coaster. Let me explain My handsome husband Scottie is getting quite anxious for this little one of ours to arrive. So throughout the past few days he is always texting me at work asking "How are you feeling?" "Any contractions", etc. Last night he was really wanting to get things going because he just couldn't wait till Tuesday. He has taken me to eat spicy food, laughed with me while I did lunges and walked fifty flights of stairs, hung out with me while I walked on the treadmill etc. etc. etc.... and still nothing.

Well, last night while I was cooking up a scrumptious din din, I was having a few contractions here and there (like always) but they weren't consistent or getting worse or closer together. Nothing to worry about, I kept telling myself. So when I told Scottie that I felt pretty crappy, he asked me if he should go get the car seat ready and grab the hospital bag haha. I think he was just so excited that he couldn't take it anymore and from that point on he kept trying to get me to try new things to get our baby girl here. Me on the other hand was not having it. I think the realization of it all had finally hit me. Nine months is a long time but last night it all came crashing down. After a while he realized how nervous I had gotten about the whole transition of prego to mamo, ANNNND all the scary things of getting to that point (aka: contractions getting worse, labor, pushing, and the the whole recovery and zero sleep I will soon be getting). Just as he put his arm around me I started bawling!!! Unfortunately, Scottie was just being sweet and getting excited about his baby girl, but I on the other hand had a hormonal, terrifying, breakdown!

Scott laughs at me because he knows how frightened I am about pain or the fear of the unknown. I DO NOT like being in pain. In fact when I know it's coming, it's as if everything in my body shuts down. So you can understand what I mean, I will give you a little flash back....

About six years ago I got really sick and I found out that I had a blood disease that runs in my family. My dad, sister, grandma, uncle, and great grandpa all have the same blood disease known as Spherocitosis. After many doctors visits, we found out that I would have to undergo surgery to remove my spleen, gall baldder, & appendix. Due to the fact that my spleen was 8 lbs and the size of a small loaf of bread, I have a massive scar down the middle of my stomach so they could get it out. After returning home from the hospital my stomach hurt where my incision was. I figured it hurt because well, hello?? I had just been sliced down the middle and was missing three organs. No wonder it hurt? Well the only thing that made it feel better was to kind of hold my incision together and lean over. For some reason it offered relief.... until I noticed that my shirt was really wet. We called the doctor and he had us come in to have it checked out. From just looking at my incision he could tell that I needed to have it re-opened so he popped the top few stitches out like popcorn, while a 1/2 cup of puss came draining out. I had developed a staph infection. Sweet. He then told me that I would have to pack it with three feet of gauze twice a day using a long q-tip to reach to the bottom of my outrageously sore wound to prevent it from closing up while I doped up on antibiotics......for the next two months. Needless to say that he sent a home nurse to do it for me so I could understand the correct way to do it. I think her name was Betsy or something and even though she was really sweet she was NOT my favorite person. She would usually call about a 1/2 hour before she arrived to stuff my like a turkey and instantly I would have panic attacks because it hurt sooooooo bad. Due to my overwhelming reaction to the nurse's torture methods I was given a Valium to calm me down. This made life a little easier but those were probably the worst two months of my life. Hands down.

Now back to my story. As I was freaking out I resorted back to my old ways but this time I couldn't exactly pop in a Valium. I started taking deep breaths and blowing them out slowly. In order to slow down my breathing I do this weird thing with blowing my lips like a motor boat. That's when Scottie told me to just let it all out and indeed, I LET IT ALL OUT!! My small tears turned completely to loud sobs which turned into what I think was laughing and crying at the same time because I knew I was being ridiculous, but really I was scared to death. Poor Scottie didn't know what to do? I probably scared the crap out of him! He is now, I am sure, thinking of telling the doctor to knock me out and wake me up when the baby is here. I eventually calmed down after about 45 minutes and a whole roll of toilet paper. Hopefully it will be a smooth process and all will go well. I just have to remember that I'm not going through all of it with nothing in the end. I will eventually be holding my little girl in my arms which I am sure will make it all worth it. Until then I DO NOT want to hear anymore horror stories about labor & delivery.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby G Update and Belly Review

14 weeks

19 weeks it's a girl!!!!

21 weeks... twins maybe??? haha

25 weeks

27 weeks along

28 weeks

35 weeks along

36 weeks

38 weeks haha I look like a giant yellow gourd??

39 weeks

40 weeks

My due date has come and gone and yes....I am still prego. Not that I can blame the little girl, seeing that it is a whopping 18 degrees outside an all. I would want to stay inside where it's nice and warm too! So, I can't blame the baby girl for wanting to stay an extra few days. She is definitely her father's child on the cold issue if that's what is keeping her, but definitely her mama's child if it's because she's getting ready and running "just a minute" late. Buuuuut unfortunately her eviction notice is on its way. As of Tuesday 1/11/11 she will officially be here if she hasn't decided it's time to come greet her anxious parents to be!

On Tuesday I went in for my 40 weeks + 1 day appointment. I was still the same, dilated to a 1 1/2 almost a 2 and 80% efaced. I was hoping that I had made some sort of progress but sadly the new news was old news. The doctor then stripped my membranes and set up a date to be induced which is now my original due date 1/11/11. When I went in for my first ultra sound they said she was measuring big and moved me up 8 days. Scottie was quite excited because that put us closer to having her in 2010 which meant that we would qualify for the tax credit. Accountant minds :-). Me on the other hand knew better. Hello we're both 6 foot plus so maybe that's why she's measuring big??? hmmm oh well I'll take a early due date any day.

My doctor then told me that he was pretty sure that she would come before Tuesday but if she hadn't come by Friday I would have to go into the hospital for a non stress test to make sure my baby girl is still cooperating. Afterwards I went home feeling nervous that maybe it would kick things into action. I was ready and all, but then the reality hit me that maybe this was it! For the rest of the day I felt crampy and had lots of contractions. So that night I started making sure that everything was still in order. I tidied up the house (not that there was much to do anyway, due the fact that I have cleaned every nook and cranky, organized every drawer, closet and cabinet in this house) and checked my pre-packed bag to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Then I went to bed and woke up with NO contractions. Dang. Guess she still has a few things to do on her to do list before she checks out of her mini bed and breakfast.

Overall, I really can't complain because I'm still quite comfortable and sleeping well. Still only need to get up once a night to go potty and yes, I can still button my jeans. Don't worry though, my hair has seriously stopped growing. Maybe that will come back after I'm not pregnant anymore. Who knows though, it will probably grow super fast and then just end up falling out. Joy.

I have everything done that needs to be done before she gets here so's just a matter of time. Lots of time for me to think about what it will be like. I would love to say that I'm not nervous but truth be told I'm scared to death! I have read everything and heard everything to expect now all that's left is to experience it for myself. Last night Scottie gave me a blessing and it really helped calm me down. I'm so grateful for that and his support and also that he is a strong priesthood holder. I'm also grateful that he has been very good at putting up with my hormonal emotions lately. The other night he came upstairs to find me in tears on the bed. He eventually got it out of me as to why I was in hysterics. I was just thinking that I only have a few days left of being prego. I have LOVED being pregnant and I will miss the little movement and kicks I feel throughout the day. It's been wonderful being so close to my little girl that I'm sure it will be an adjustment to having her in my arms rather than in my belly. So now you can see why I am very lucky to have him for a husband, 100 %.

The only thing that has been on my mind the most at the moment is that well, when we first found out we were pregnant, I thought it would be a girl. Then I had dreams of a little boy so I changed my mind thinking that this little bun in the oven was a boy. The day of the ultra sound came and we found out that we were having a girl. I was soooo excited! Then down the road, I started having dreams that I had a boy! For example the other night, I had this strange dream that I had the baby and went right home. The next day I went to the hospital to pick up my baby and when I got there I was shocked to see that my baby (which I was now seeing for the first time) had three inches at least of thick, black hair!!! I was then noticing the fact that she didn't look anything like a newborn but more like a 6 month old baby and I knew instantly she was NOT going to fit into the cute outfit I had picked out for her to wear home. That's when the nurses told me that they had clothes that she would fit into. So they started dressing her in boy clothes! I kept telling them, NO NO NO it's a GIRL not a BOY!! Since then I have had several people, five as a matter of fact, that have told me they had a dream about me and that I had a boy???? Whu? This better not be something in the works that I don't know about because really....I'm all ready for girl! Pink bedding, a girly chandelier, pink curtains, and a wardrobe that is pink, pink, pink. Oh and name of course! Not sure what I'll do if I have to bring home a baby boy in girl clothes and go through the stress to think of a new name?? Let's just say that it's my wandering mind dreaming of crazy stories in the middle of the night and leave it at that.

Anyway, it's nice to know that there is an official end in sight though. And hey, 1/11/11 really would be a pretty cool birthday! Can't wait to meet you baby G!

Christmas Past & Present

For the past three years I haven't spent Christmas day with my family because we have a rotating holiday schedule. The first year Scottie and I were married it was my families year for Thanksgiving which meant that we would spend Christmas with his family. Now let me tell you, I love Scott's family. They are so sweet and always make me feel welcome and part of the family but I am SUCH a home girl that it was really hard for me to spend my first Christmas away from home. In fact it was so hard for me that when I went to say bye to my family before we headed for Scott's home town, I was extremely late getting home which made us late getting to Scott's house. That's another story for another time though.

The next year my sister had a baby boy on December 29th. Since she lived in Indiana my family went out to be there for the big arrival. Plane tickets were a little pricey during the holidays so we went out for his baby blessing instead and therefore didn't have Christmas with my family...again. Not wanting to be alone for Christmas, we went down to Scott's family's again for Christmas. For some reason we decided to come back Christmas night. Usually my family has a big dinner and we open presents, decorate gingerbread houses and enjoy each others company while listening to Christmas music etc. Since the plan wasn't to come home Christmas day, just spur of the moment, we came home to our cold, lonely town home with no food to make for a nice dinner and no family to spend it with. In my attempt to make this Christmas special for just the two of us, I decided to go to the store and get some ingredients to make a small dinner for two. My mom usually makes a ham and funeral potatoes on Christmas Day so that's what I set out to do. I went to three stores before I found one that was open. Albertsons. I was so grateful that they were open but I felt bad that people were away from their families on Christmas night to sell food to a lonely girl like me. When I walked up to the door I saw an employee walking towards the door to hurry and lock it before I could get to it. I was frustrated since she obviously saw me coming and even more upset when I got her attention and asked her if they were closed. The sign on the door said that they closed at 6:30 and it was 6:10. She said that the manager wanted her to lock it and not let anyone else in. I was so frustrated that she was turning me away! I told her that the sign said they closed at 6:30 and I would be really quick. She wouldn't let me in and I turned away and aloud myself to cry in my car at how frustrated I was. When I got to my car I saw a young man walk up to the store entrance and somehow he got in. A wink and a smile perhaps. Something I couldn't offer the girl and I was MAD!! I set out to get something to make a nice Christmas dinner but was refused and went home empty handed and shafted.

When I walked in the door, Scottie could tell I was upset and that I had been crying. I told him my frustrations about being away from my family and how I wanted to do something to make Christmas special. We decided to venture out into the cold go look at Christmas lights. By this time it was close to 11:30 and the a snow storm had picked up. I remember driving around on the icy roads and Scottie was so sweet to try and cheer me up. Unfortunately most of the houses had turned off their lights so we drove around looking at houses and imagined what it would be like to have a real house one day and the things that we wanted in a house like a wrap around porch and a big family room.

Once we got back to our town home my spirits were lifted and I was feeling much better. The wind had really picked up and it was snowing pretty hard. As we reached the gates to the entrance of our complex, we punched in the code only to find that the gate wasn't going to open for us. After several tries we grew anxious to get back home. Scottie even got out of the car, slipped through the gate and went to the other side of the exit gate and jumped in front of it since it was motion censored, hoping it would open so I could drive through. I was laughing my head off as he was jumping up and down waving his arms like a lunatic. Still nothing worked and we realized that the gate was not going to open due to the strong wind that blowing in the direction as the entrance gate pushing it shut. The only way to get back in was to have Scottie run all the way through the complex and get our other car to open the gate that would open with the direction the wind was blowing, then I would quickly drive through and head back home. Eventually we made it home and went to bed but it was a Christmas I would never forget and I still laugh about it looking back. It was a quaint humbling Christmas spent with just me and my Scottie.

The next year, because of the schedule, we spent Christmas with Scottie's family again. It was wonderful but since I'm such a home lover, it was again hard. I love being with my family. Poor Scottie. I'm sure he had no idea what he was getting into when he married me haha. So this year you may be to understand why I was quite excited to spend Christmas with my ENTIRE family. Sisters and brothers, niece and nephews, mom and dad and of course, my lover and a bun in the oven:-)

Santa Came and of course I was his helper....

(me 39 weeks prego)

My mama made her special recipe of caramel corn...

and it was devoured....

Gingerbread houses were made...

Minute to Win it games were played....

Stories were read...

Sleigh Ride piano duets were played on the piano....

Presents were opened and enjoyed...

....all but one that is.

and I finally got to have a Christmas with my family. It may be the last time we are all together for Christmas but it was something I have looked forward to for a quite a while and yes, it was a special one!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

scottie the entertainer

Can I just tell you how excited I am for Scottie to be a dad?????

Every time we get together with our families my niece and nephews are jumping at the chance to play with Uncle Scottie.

One of my favorite things that he does when he's entertaining the kiddos is having them climb "The Mountain". He will grab their hands and they have to walk all the way up to his shoulders to get to the top of the mountain. The trick is, the mountain is very shaky and it's not as easy as it looks. It moves all over and is as difficult as climbing Everest. Yes, that's right! Just ask my niece Kenzie as she tries to climb Mount "Kenz"ington.

I swear he could entertain a child for hours with floss and a penny!! Who needs Disneyland???