Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby G Update and Belly Review

14 weeks

19 weeks it's a girl!!!!

21 weeks... twins maybe??? haha

25 weeks

27 weeks along

28 weeks

35 weeks along

36 weeks

38 weeks haha I look like a giant yellow gourd??

39 weeks

40 weeks

My due date has come and gone and yes....I am still prego. Not that I can blame the little girl, seeing that it is a whopping 18 degrees outside an all. I would want to stay inside where it's nice and warm too! So, I can't blame the baby girl for wanting to stay an extra few days. She is definitely her father's child on the cold issue if that's what is keeping her, but definitely her mama's child if it's because she's getting ready and running "just a minute" late. Buuuuut unfortunately her eviction notice is on its way. As of Tuesday 1/11/11 she will officially be here if she hasn't decided it's time to come greet her anxious parents to be!

On Tuesday I went in for my 40 weeks + 1 day appointment. I was still the same, dilated to a 1 1/2 almost a 2 and 80% efaced. I was hoping that I had made some sort of progress but sadly the new news was old news. The doctor then stripped my membranes and set up a date to be induced which is now my original due date 1/11/11. When I went in for my first ultra sound they said she was measuring big and moved me up 8 days. Scottie was quite excited because that put us closer to having her in 2010 which meant that we would qualify for the tax credit. Accountant minds :-). Me on the other hand knew better. Hello we're both 6 foot plus so maybe that's why she's measuring big??? hmmm oh well I'll take a early due date any day.

My doctor then told me that he was pretty sure that she would come before Tuesday but if she hadn't come by Friday I would have to go into the hospital for a non stress test to make sure my baby girl is still cooperating. Afterwards I went home feeling nervous that maybe it would kick things into action. I was ready and all, but then the reality hit me that maybe this was it! For the rest of the day I felt crampy and had lots of contractions. So that night I started making sure that everything was still in order. I tidied up the house (not that there was much to do anyway, due the fact that I have cleaned every nook and cranky, organized every drawer, closet and cabinet in this house) and checked my pre-packed bag to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Then I went to bed and woke up with NO contractions. Dang. Guess she still has a few things to do on her to do list before she checks out of her mini bed and breakfast.

Overall, I really can't complain because I'm still quite comfortable and sleeping well. Still only need to get up once a night to go potty and yes, I can still button my jeans. Don't worry though, my hair has seriously stopped growing. Maybe that will come back after I'm not pregnant anymore. Who knows though, it will probably grow super fast and then just end up falling out. Joy.

I have everything done that needs to be done before she gets here so's just a matter of time. Lots of time for me to think about what it will be like. I would love to say that I'm not nervous but truth be told I'm scared to death! I have read everything and heard everything to expect now all that's left is to experience it for myself. Last night Scottie gave me a blessing and it really helped calm me down. I'm so grateful for that and his support and also that he is a strong priesthood holder. I'm also grateful that he has been very good at putting up with my hormonal emotions lately. The other night he came upstairs to find me in tears on the bed. He eventually got it out of me as to why I was in hysterics. I was just thinking that I only have a few days left of being prego. I have LOVED being pregnant and I will miss the little movement and kicks I feel throughout the day. It's been wonderful being so close to my little girl that I'm sure it will be an adjustment to having her in my arms rather than in my belly. So now you can see why I am very lucky to have him for a husband, 100 %.

The only thing that has been on my mind the most at the moment is that well, when we first found out we were pregnant, I thought it would be a girl. Then I had dreams of a little boy so I changed my mind thinking that this little bun in the oven was a boy. The day of the ultra sound came and we found out that we were having a girl. I was soooo excited! Then down the road, I started having dreams that I had a boy! For example the other night, I had this strange dream that I had the baby and went right home. The next day I went to the hospital to pick up my baby and when I got there I was shocked to see that my baby (which I was now seeing for the first time) had three inches at least of thick, black hair!!! I was then noticing the fact that she didn't look anything like a newborn but more like a 6 month old baby and I knew instantly she was NOT going to fit into the cute outfit I had picked out for her to wear home. That's when the nurses told me that they had clothes that she would fit into. So they started dressing her in boy clothes! I kept telling them, NO NO NO it's a GIRL not a BOY!! Since then I have had several people, five as a matter of fact, that have told me they had a dream about me and that I had a boy???? Whu? This better not be something in the works that I don't know about because really....I'm all ready for girl! Pink bedding, a girly chandelier, pink curtains, and a wardrobe that is pink, pink, pink. Oh and name of course! Not sure what I'll do if I have to bring home a baby boy in girl clothes and go through the stress to think of a new name?? Let's just say that it's my wandering mind dreaming of crazy stories in the middle of the night and leave it at that.

Anyway, it's nice to know that there is an official end in sight though. And hey, 1/11/11 really would be a pretty cool birthday! Can't wait to meet you baby G!


Lindsey Walker said...

you still look so tiny! this is such a fun stage of pregnancy. i loved the anticipation of waiting for the baby to come. good luck with everything and i am sure it's still a girl. maybe your next is a boy :)

sinika said...

It's been so fun being along for this little journey of yours! I love that you love being pregnant! So cute! I just can't wait for you guys! She's gonna be the cutest little girl!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!

P.S. I would hate for you to have to wait that long, but seriously- the coolest bday ever!

Mrs. Ham said...

you look so different in the 1st picture- i haven't seen you like that forever it seems. next week!!! 1-11-11 hold out!