Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carvin'

Last year we got together with our good friends Gabe and Melissa. Since we had so much fun we decided that should make this an annual tradition! We always love hanging out with these guys and I am already excited for next year's pumpkin carving. What is also funny to think about is that next year we will have a 10 month old with us to celebrate!!

Gabe and Melissa

Their cute little man Jace. We're just hoping our little girl is as cooperative as this little guy!

Gutting the Pumpkins

Showing off our finished product

Me and My Lovers

The name of my pumpkin template was "Who are you?"

It of course was a piece of cake to carve so I got a little creative and got the babe involved :-)

Our finished product

Thanks Gabe and Melissa! We love ya and can't wait for next year! Maybe we should decorate gingerbread houses too! We sure miss living next to you guys!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Baby Girl

Last time we went in for an ultrasound, we were going to find out what the gender of our little babe was. But since she was a wiggly little gal, the ultra sound tech couldn't get a clear view of her heart. Everything looked good but they just wanted to make sure so they had me schedule another ultrasound. Not that I was mad because who doesn't love looking at their baby girl???

Today when I went in for my second ultrasound I was soooo excited to see how big she had gotten and to see all those fun little features. She was being stubborn and wouldn't move her hand so we couldn't get a full view of her profile. She is definitely wanting us to wait for her big debut I guess? Here she is at her finest, don't mind the big fist in the way.

Her fabulous profile...

Sorry if you think this is freaky but I think she's rather cute. Too bad she wouldn't move her hand so we could get the full view.

Here are her cute little lips (on the bottom) and nose (on the top)...

and her long legs. The ultrasound tech wrote "mom's legs" haha...

She is measuring in the 75% for her weight, weighing at 3 lbs 1 oz. so far and once again I am measuring BIG. Good news is that I'll probably have to have another ultrasound because I am measuring big. Maybe next time she will be cooperative haha. I don't mind.

Overall I was so happy to see her. The ultra sound tech was so funny. Every time she showed me a different view she would say "Oh!!! Such pretty lips!", "Ah such a pretty profile!!!" or "Oh! She's got long legs like mommy!!! They are so pretty!!!" She was cracking me up but I was totally right there with her!! She is very pretty and I can't believe I only have two months left! CRAZY!!! Right now I am feeling great! I am sure these pleasant comfortable days are coming to an end pretty soon and my next post I'll be singing a different tune, but for now I will remember that I:

- Can still button my pants but maybe next week will be a different story??

- LOVE Chinese or Mexican food.....not a fan of meat on the bone aka ribs :-( or Italian food. Spicy food is also a plus since I haven't had any heart burn yet......

- Have really itchy skin in the mid section area. This morning I woke up and discovered that I must have gone crazy in the middle of the night (which I have no recollection of doing) and I have the claw marks to prove it! My poor belly still has a definite four finger scratch going all the way across it and it was stinging all day like a sunburn.

- Can't watch my favorite CSI before bedtime due to my very vivid dreams. Too bad they never caught the murderer in the full black spandex suit.....I'm afraid he's hiding in my attic or under my bed like he was in the latest episode? I have to distract my wandering mind when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and pray that CSI doesn't pop into my mind or I'll be wide awake and freaked out. I was never like this before.

- Am sleeping comfortable and only need to get up once to go potty in the middle of the night.

- Love the fact that my kiddos not only say by to me at the end of the day but give my belly a rub and say "bye bye baby girl!!"

-Get a little claustrophobic when Scottie pesters me....sorry babe.

- Have a few melt downs when getting ready or walking past my favorite clothing store knowing I shouldn't enter because.....I feel fat. No let's say large and in charge.

- Cry and laugh in movies....a little more than I used to. I mostly get the giggles.

-Contemplating buying some fat band aids to cover my belly button that is stuck so far inside I'm sure it's won't be popping out anytime soon. So for now, when I wear a white shirt, or any other color for that matter, you can see my "doughnut hole". From the side it looks like my stomach sinks in and then pops out I got karate chopped in the gut.

- Can't wait for my baby girl to arrive! I want to squeeze and hug her already.

Friday, October 15, 2010


These past few weeks have flown by and when I take a minute to look back at them I realize that we have had some major milestones take place!!

Scottie and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on September 21, 2010!! I feel like I just got married to my man last year but It's crazy to think that we have actually spent the last 3 years (plus the dating days) together. It has gone by so fast! I love this man with all my heart! He really makes me so happy. I'm so blessed to know that we have eternity to spend together. There is no one else in this whole world that I'd rather be with. I love you babe!

4th of July

Engagement Pics

Christmas 2009

Trip to Europe

Skiing & Boarding at Brianhead

Goofing Around

Closing on our first home!

Smoovie Night!!

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Happily Married

Yesterday we celebrated Scott's 29th birthday. He freaks out a little to think that he is 29 but I love it. I love how he gets even more handsome with each year. Time has been very good to him :-) Our little girl will be lucky if she looks like her Daddy! Isn't he a head turner!!??? I love this picture!!

Another milestone we have seemed to encounter is this growing bump in my mid section and all the fun little things that come along with it! I remember the day we found out we were going to have a baby and it seemed like January was forever away! Now I look back and think, where did the time go????? We will have a family of three come January and we couldn't be more excited! Over the past little bit we have purchased a crib... (sorry for the small pics, they came from my phone)

painted her nursery...

...and are now the proud owners of a STROLLER!!! (Many thanks to Auntie Audrey)

For Scottie's birthday, his sister Audrey came up to visit us and she asked Scottie what he wanted for his birthday. He told her he wanted something for the babe :-) I think it's so sweet that he is so excited to be a Daddy to his future little girl and that he is already thinking of her before himself. I know that there are a million other things that he wants, but it was fun to walk into Babies R Us with his sister and to see him so excited to show her the stroller that we wanted. He quickly rolled it off the display to show her all the cool gadgets that it had and all the things it could do. He will definitely be the best Dad ever. I am so excited to see him with her. It's weird to see these things around our house and I know that these are just a drop in the bucket compared to everything else that will soon come, but I am loving each and every item that comes along and will gladly welcome the rest!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Belly by the Bay

Last night me and my Scottie went to Overstockober. Since it was the 12th birthday for Overstock (which is where Scottie works as the corporate accountant) we got to go celebrate at The Saltaire and listen to Plain White Tees. When we got there we were a little early so we had a gay ol time walking out to the lake and it was beautiful! The sun was just starting to set so we had our own little photo shoot! So here are some pics of me and the babe making the big debut. Oh and that other stud staring off into the distance is my handsome hubby :-)

Here she is at almost 27 weeks

and then hunger hit...

It was quite a walk as you can tell. The Saltaire could fit in the palm of my hand thanks to Scottie and his mean photography skillzzzz.

Afterwards we headed in and enjoyed a simply perfect show! They sounded better than they do on the radio???

Overall, it was a simply splendid night of entertainment. And I think our baby girl enjoyed it too by the likes of kicks I felt :-)