Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carvin'

Last year we got together with our good friends Gabe and Melissa. Since we had so much fun we decided that should make this an annual tradition! We always love hanging out with these guys and I am already excited for next year's pumpkin carving. What is also funny to think about is that next year we will have a 10 month old with us to celebrate!!

Gabe and Melissa

Their cute little man Jace. We're just hoping our little girl is as cooperative as this little guy!

Gutting the Pumpkins

Showing off our finished product

Me and My Lovers

The name of my pumpkin template was "Who are you?"

It of course was a piece of cake to carve so I got a little creative and got the babe involved :-)

Our finished product

Thanks Gabe and Melissa! We love ya and can't wait for next year! Maybe we should decorate gingerbread houses too! We sure miss living next to you guys!


The Peterson's said...

So fun! I love pumpkin carving. We did a pumpkin yesterday with Cairo!

The Andersens said...

so fun la girl! and i love your belly!! Your pumpkins look awesome! cant wait to see you SOON! on the 13th!! :) Yay!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Halloween, your pumpkins (and belly) look cute!