Wednesday, September 28, 2011

snap shots

why is it that no one is ever there to take my picture when i want one?  maybe it's because i never really do want my picture taken but today for some reason i did.  really i should not have desired such a thing. of all the times to take a picture, today was not one of them. gabby was up twice last night and going to bed at 1:00 am doesn't really help either.  maybe she's starting to get her top teeth?  not sure.  i was exhausted and extra exhausted after the rotten day i had at school.  sometimes i wonder "what on earth did i get myself into teaching 28 kindergartners?"  no wonder i am getting pre mature wrinkles and massive bags under my eyes.  but who cares.  no one was home but me and G so i took matters into my own hands and let the camera take pictures of us (kinda).  good thing he knows how to snap some shots by himself.    i could kick myself for not taking more pictures of gabby and me earlier so here's to a new start.  even though most of them are blurry or too light- who's me and G.
haha i love little g's eyes in this super blurry pic.  it's hard taking a self portrait with a huge camera

love this face

and this one too

Monday, September 26, 2011

not one, but two

the other day i put gabby down for a nap and when i heard her babbling away i headed up to her room.   i usually keep 2-3 extra binkies in her crib and strategically place them around her after she falls asleep so if she happens to wake up (which happens a lot since she is the lightest sleeper on the block) at least one will be in reach.  well i guess my plan worked because when i went in to get her this is what i found.....

not one but TWO binkies. good thing i happened to have my phone in my hand to capture the moment. you are one crazy G and i love it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

tomato heaven

growing up my dad was always whipping up some new recipe.  he never measured (either did my mama) they were just natural born chefs i guess.  going off to college i would cook what i grew up eating and my roommates always thought it was funny when i couldn't tell them how much of what to put in.  i would just shake until it looked right.  well fortunately for you folks i was introduced to this yummy treat by my dad.  guess it's not technically a treat, but that's what i call it because it's so yummy. 

the other day i had been out picking a plethora of tomatoes from my garden and i was wondering what on earth i was going to do with them all.  then i remembered how my mouth would water every time my dad made these so i rushed inside and quickly got to work.  

all you do is slice tomatoes onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper (you can use tin foil but it tends to stick :-/).  next, slice mozzarella,  provolone, or pepper jack cheese to lay overtop.  i prefer pepper jack but all i had was provolone. then sprinkle with a touch of salt.

turn your broiler on high and cook until the cheese is melted and slightly browned.

walla! you are in for a treat,  enjoy! i know i sure did!

Friday, September 23, 2011

right before our very eyes

when did this little girl just decide to do everything?? 

i can't tell you how long i have tried to get her to eat anything on a spoon.  really.  but today I was eating cottage cheese and since she is always wanting what her mama wants i gave her what she asked for and holy crap and wanted more!  FROM A SPOON!!! 
nice goatee babe 

 all of a sudden she fits into the clothes i've been longing for her to fit into.  but at the same time makes me sad because that means little G isn't so little anymore.  I think she is almost ready to upgrade to size four diapers.  FOUR????

she wants to stand and hold on to something.  makes her feel like a big girl i guess :-) 

 grammy, aka special K bought little G her first Halloween costume and I think we already need to upgrade to the next size if we want her to fit into by the time trick or treating rolls around.  Here's a sneak peak.  she might just be a little tall for it. the tights not quite extend past the bum, whoops.  and the poor thing can't quite stand up straight with the hoodie on haha.  

she says mama and dada (even though she has no idea what it means) and baba and gaga. she's quite the little gabber.....literally.  

boy oh boy G!  We sure love you and can't believe your growing up right before our very eyes.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


last night was our anniversary.  the big # 4 to be exact.  I know.  it's a lot.  we were suppose to get married the 22 of september but we bumped it up a day.  thank goodness we did because it was the last best day of the year with fantastic 80 degree fall weather.  if we had gotten married on the 22 like we had originally planned, then we would have had a blistery cold winter snowstorm.

we spent the evening with little G.  somehow I just can't seem to leave her behind (and either can daddy). Zuppas and Smoothie King were all we needed.  nothing fancy or too expensive. after all, the only thing I need is my man.  (ok, and some food....right babe. hungry me=monster)

it's crazy to think we are parents now and I can't imagine being with anyone else.  you really do know me inside and out.  and you also keep my finances in order which is a plus.  if it weren't for you i'd still have a $500 car payment and probably be swimming in debt while eating $4 dollar bags of M&M's.  but let's not talk about those days hehe.  guess it's a good thing i fell in love with an accountant.

dad with little g -obsessing over the lights at Zuppas.  she couldn't get enough.

me and my man

I love you babe.  here's to many more.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i wish...

...that EVERY outfit came in tall not just a few to appease us amazon woman.... yes that includes baby g's clothing too.  i'm tired of shopping online.  have you seen what they offer us tall ladies??? they should be ashamed.

...that my kindergartners were more behaved...partially my fault and perhaps the parents (did i just say that?)

....that i had the crafty ability to decorate my house like the inside of my better homes and garden magizine.   my lover says i'm indecisive.  perhaps that's why i  don't buy anything to decorate my house because i don't know how to mix and mingle the several styles i like.  any takers?  i'm thinking of writing HGTV and having someone else do it for me.  but where's the fun in that?

....i had more energy after a day of work.  ya it's half day i know but it's a fight not to take a nap when G goes down.

....that scottie was done with the CPA.  who knows??  he may just be!  we're just waiting to hear the any second now.

....that it was fall/winter ALL year...yep.  ya heard me right.

....that my hair would GROW!!!! anyone who knows me can tell you I've been growing it out for the last two years.  and yep it's still the same length it was when i started.  and that includes a pregnancy.

.... my sisters (amers and megs) lived within driving distance.    i miss them. mama never had another pain in her life.  she's tough cookie that lady!

....that little G just for one second would change her mind about the snuggling issue.  i'd give anything for a good snuggle right about now.

....i was an amazing photographer.   you're welcome to teach me.  don't worry i'm not going to start up my own business or anything.  just want to capture "those" moments

....that people weren't so blunt.  did you really not think that one through?

.... that i had Zuppas for dinner every night.  nuts about berries salad with a side of wisconsin cauliflower soup to be exact.  yum

....that gabbers would poop (okay we might have a little vacation constipation issue going on here....minus the vacation)

...that scottie got home from work the same time i did :-)

....ah yes.  i wish i was rich hehe (couldn't resist)

guess it's just one of those days...sigh

farm country

Everytime G sees an animal, she goes CRAZY over it!  For example, a few weeks ago we were in Cedar City for Scott's sister's wedding and while we are at the hotel this couple came in with this huge and quite beautiful dog. Even though we were clear down the hall, Gabby started squealing!  She was just so excited! So we took her up to see the dog and the owners were really nice and let us pet it.  Well gabby was just in little girl heaven and I don't think i have ever seen here more excited.  She does the same thing with Lemons the cat and my parents dog Holly.  

So you can only imagine our excitement as we planned to take Gabby to see the animals at Thanksgiving Point.  We thought she might still be too little to throughly enjoy it annnnnnd we were right.  haha.  Probably due to the fact that we were cutting it super close to nap time but it was our small window of opportunity and we seized it!  

We'll try again another time but I'm sure deep down she liked it.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i love...

how you play peek a boo with me and daddy through your crib.

how you never liked baby food and went straight for the REAL food

how you snort when you giggle too much

how you smell after a bath and everywhere in between

how you can me the happiest lady on earth after a tough day with kindergarteners

how you are the loudest baby at church....not because you are being a stinker, but because you babble and squeal and laugh at everything and anything

how you dance and boogie when you are lying on your back

how you roll everywhere to get what you want.  crawling is so last year.

how your daddy and i fight over who gets to give you a bath, and lotion you up, and get you dressed....and tuck you in.

how happy you always are.  you spoil me rotten.  seriously.

how you have your mamas toes and you are always curling them up under your feet.  or spreading them out like a fan.

how you have an obsession with straws, lemons the cat and every light fixture/ceiling fan in the house.

that you look just like your daddy but have a little bit of me in there somewhere

that whenever i wipe your face with a wet wipe, you try with all your might to eat it.

it when we are both sporting our skinny jeans

how you wave both hands uncontrollably

how you smile with your eyes

that you make me want to have lots of babies.  you're just that good

how EVERYTHING goes in the mouth

your toothy grin

your juicy lips

your big brown tootsie roll eyes

your dimples


how you love me too....i can tell.

Monday, September 19, 2011

mornings with mama

every morning I wake up.....before i put on my makeup.....i say a little prayer for you.... haha I couldn't resist.  just like this little girl couldn't resist exploring the water faucet.  she was getting a little tired of playing with her toys as I was getting ready for work so I sat her on the counter with me and the next thing I know she had leaned over and turned on the faucet.  then the curious self that she is started splashing away and i didn't mind because she still hadn't eaten her breakfast yet so I figured she could get a little wet n wild. 

silly little girl.  I love how you are the most inquisitive girl out there!
{gabby 8 months}

Friday, September 9, 2011


oh geez I'm in trouble!  little G has all of a sudden started to do everything at once!  she...

sits up all on her own (7 1/2 mo)
scoots backwards and in a 360 (7 mo)
starting to figure out those lovely little teeth she recently popped out (7 1/2 mo)
says gagaga, bababa, dadada, and most importantly mamama (71/2 mo)
will put anything food wise I give her in her mouth (hallelujah) who knows how much of it she actually eats since she still doesn't like anything on a spoon still
rolls pretty much everywhere to get anything she wants.  why crawl when you can roll?
is starting to pull herself out of her car seat, bumbo and anything else she is sitting in


yesterday I took the trash out and left the little gabsters on the floor playing with her toys and when I came back in she was on her hands and knees!!!! no no no! this can't be!  I want my little G to just stay put.  but I guess for now I will be bustin out the gates and putting everything up that is at her eye level.  this little girl is ready to crawl and it doesn't help that she is already miss inquisitive.   the funny thing is, when she gets up on her hands and knees she starts to cry as if she's saying "what do I do now??"

Did I mention that my cat is quite remarkable too?  I think forever ago I had these thoughts...

"We won't need to worry about a cat when we have a baby?  I'm sure she won't last that long?"


"We won't need to worry about putting Lemons food and water dishes up because I'm sure she won't be around by the time Gabby starts crawling."

Boy was I wrong.  I guess I will continue to be amazed at not only the remarkable Lemons and her nine fifty lives but little G as well.  

so feast your eyes one this little cutie.  she won't be little for long

splish splash

this little girlie has sure enjoyed her bath time lately, and so have we.  It seems like every night after we've eaten dinner, Scottie and I both fight over who gets to give her a bath.  Needless to say we are both in there with the camera, toys, bubbles, and of course splashing of water and I just can't imagine how bath time could get any more fun with little G