Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i wish...

...that EVERY outfit came in tall not just a few to appease us amazon woman.... yes that includes baby g's clothing too.  i'm tired of shopping online.  have you seen what they offer us tall ladies??? they should be ashamed.

...that my kindergartners were more behaved...partially my fault and perhaps the parents (did i just say that?)

....that i had the crafty ability to decorate my house like the inside of my better homes and garden magizine.   my lover says i'm indecisive.  perhaps that's why i  don't buy anything to decorate my house because i don't know how to mix and mingle the several styles i like.  any takers?  i'm thinking of writing HGTV and having someone else do it for me.  but where's the fun in that?

....i had more energy after a day of work.  ya it's half day i know but it's a fight not to take a nap when G goes down.

....that scottie was done with the CPA.  who knows??  he may just be!  we're just waiting to hear the any second now.

....that it was fall/winter ALL year...yep.  ya heard me right.

....that my hair would GROW!!!! anyone who knows me can tell you I've been growing it out for the last two years.  and yep it's still the same length it was when i started.  and that includes a pregnancy.

.... my sisters (amers and megs) lived within driving distance.    i miss them. mama never had another pain in her life.  she's tough cookie that lady!

....that little G just for one second would change her mind about the snuggling issue.  i'd give anything for a good snuggle right about now.

....i was an amazing photographer.   you're welcome to teach me.  don't worry i'm not going to start up my own business or anything.  just want to capture "those" moments

....that people weren't so blunt.  did you really not think that one through?

.... that i had Zuppas for dinner every night.  nuts about berries salad with a side of wisconsin cauliflower soup to be exact.  yum

....that gabbers would poop (okay we might have a little vacation constipation issue going on here....minus the vacation)

...that scottie got home from work the same time i did :-)

....ah yes.  i wish i was rich hehe (couldn't resist)

guess it's just one of those days...sigh


The Hunzikers said...

I really loved this post because I could totally relate on a lot of things. But the house thing? Are you joking? Have you seen your nursery? I seriously envy your gift.

The Andersens said...

You are hilarious girl! I wish my sister lived closer as well :( this back east thing is hard!!! Where is megs living?? I agree with you on the Fall/Winter thing all year around. i do love Summer, however there is just something so fun about Fall, and getting ready for the holidays!!

p.s. You really DO decorate so darling!!

Anthony and Rene said...

Hey Christie, found you off Jullee's blog. You little family is so cute! It looks like you guys are doing well. How is your whole family? It's been years since I've seen any of you.

Rachael said...

Great post...I agree on a few of your wishes...mainly-that I could take great photos!!! Its on my list of things to do!!!
Oliver has poop issues too! Miralax is our friend!