Friday, September 9, 2011


oh geez I'm in trouble!  little G has all of a sudden started to do everything at once!  she...

sits up all on her own (7 1/2 mo)
scoots backwards and in a 360 (7 mo)
starting to figure out those lovely little teeth she recently popped out (7 1/2 mo)
says gagaga, bababa, dadada, and most importantly mamama (71/2 mo)
will put anything food wise I give her in her mouth (hallelujah) who knows how much of it she actually eats since she still doesn't like anything on a spoon still
rolls pretty much everywhere to get anything she wants.  why crawl when you can roll?
is starting to pull herself out of her car seat, bumbo and anything else she is sitting in


yesterday I took the trash out and left the little gabsters on the floor playing with her toys and when I came back in she was on her hands and knees!!!! no no no! this can't be!  I want my little G to just stay put.  but I guess for now I will be bustin out the gates and putting everything up that is at her eye level.  this little girl is ready to crawl and it doesn't help that she is already miss inquisitive.   the funny thing is, when she gets up on her hands and knees she starts to cry as if she's saying "what do I do now??"

Did I mention that my cat is quite remarkable too?  I think forever ago I had these thoughts...

"We won't need to worry about a cat when we have a baby?  I'm sure she won't last that long?"


"We won't need to worry about putting Lemons food and water dishes up because I'm sure she won't be around by the time Gabby starts crawling."

Boy was I wrong.  I guess I will continue to be amazed at not only the remarkable Lemons and her nine fifty lives but little G as well.  

so feast your eyes one this little cutie.  she won't be little for long


sinika said...

Gabby is such a good little baby, when she starts crawling she'll probably crawl right to her crib and put herself to sleep! :)

Lisa Riddle said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up, everyone says it, but it still surprises you!