Thursday, September 22, 2011


last night was our anniversary.  the big # 4 to be exact.  I know.  it's a lot.  we were suppose to get married the 22 of september but we bumped it up a day.  thank goodness we did because it was the last best day of the year with fantastic 80 degree fall weather.  if we had gotten married on the 22 like we had originally planned, then we would have had a blistery cold winter snowstorm.

we spent the evening with little G.  somehow I just can't seem to leave her behind (and either can daddy). Zuppas and Smoothie King were all we needed.  nothing fancy or too expensive. after all, the only thing I need is my man.  (ok, and some food....right babe. hungry me=monster)

it's crazy to think we are parents now and I can't imagine being with anyone else.  you really do know me inside and out.  and you also keep my finances in order which is a plus.  if it weren't for you i'd still have a $500 car payment and probably be swimming in debt while eating $4 dollar bags of M&M's.  but let's not talk about those days hehe.  guess it's a good thing i fell in love with an accountant.

dad with little g -obsessing over the lights at Zuppas.  she couldn't get enough.

me and my man

I love you babe.  here's to many more.


The Andersens said...

Happy anniversary!!! You guys are the cutest!! We need to chat!!!

The Peterson's said...

Yeah for 4 years!