Friday, November 28, 2008

Ski Time!

I can't believe it's been a whole year already! It seems like yesterday when Scottie got me to go skiiing for the first time since... eighth grade? I guess that I sucked so bad last time that he decided to invite his buddy Jarom to go snowboarding with him and invite my lil sis Megs (who hasn't been skiing since six grade) to be my ski buddy so I'd have someone to ski with on the bunny hill...haha. Apparently the bunny hill just isn't his thing? Well it was a blast and yes Megs and I only spent two runs (for practice) on the bunny hill and then we were off to bigger and better things. I was also very impressed with Scottie's boarding skills! I really want to learn how to snowboard after watching him today but I'm afraid that might be awhile since I'm somewhat terrified on skis? But over all it was a blast hanging out with Scottie, Megs, and Jarom and enjoying the fresh new snow!

Megs and I getting ready to hit the slopes!

I was trying to keep warm on the way up the frigid slopes. Good thing I had one eye to help me know when to hop off?

Scottie and I enjoying the scenic view on the way up!

It's not that difficult getting off the chair when it's only you and one other person....

But it is when you have four people, two skiers and two snowboarders.

After a good lunch we were bundled up and ready to go!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skipping Thanksgiving?

I have never been one to put up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. In years past I've always kind of felt bad for Thanksgiving! I feel that it often gets neglected and overlooked thanks to its neighboring holiday. But for some odd reason this year, I couldn't resist!

I have heard that this year there are five less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas... so that makes me feel better.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I Teach First Grade

Whenever I tell people that I teach, they often respond by saying "That's cool. What grade do you teach?" Then when I tell them that I teach first grade they say "I don't know how you do it?" Sometimes I agree with them but then there are little moments like today that make me realize why I really do teach first grade! Here's how it went. We were just getting ready to go to the library when I look over and see one of my dear students, Bayleigh, picking her nose. This is our convo...

Mrs. Lamb: "Bayleigh, quit picking your nose!"

"But it hurts Miss Laaam (said with a Texas accent) it's bleeding, I need a band aid!!"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Let me see sweetie"

Bayleigh then shows me the inside of her nose. (As if a band aid would work in this area?)

Mrs. Lamb:
"It looks like your okay, but if you keep picking at it, it's gonna bleed."

Bayleigh: "

Shortly after getting to library, I look over and see Bayleigh picking her nose again....

Mrs. Lamb:
"Bayleigh, quit picking at your nose!'

"But it still hurts Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb
"I know Bayleigh, that's why I want you to stop picking at it!"

At this point the librarian is reading a story to the class and I hear....

Bayleigh: "Mrs. Marshall, my nose is bleeding!!" (guess she didn't believe me)

Mrs. Marshall
(The librarian): "Go get a tissue on the counter."

Now, the librarian and I are dying of laughter in the back of the room watching her shove pieces of tissue up her nose. So just picture this little girl with these funny facial expressions with gobs of tissue sticking out of her nose.

Five minutes later....

Bayleigh: "Miss Laam!!! I have tissue stuck up my nose!!!!"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Come here, let me see. Tilt your head back."

As I'm looking up her nose for any trace of a tissue, I can't see all. I was getting quite nervous that I would have to pry it out with tweezers or something so I said...

Mrs. Lamb: "Bayleigh, go get the trash can."

Bayleigh: "
What for Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Just go get the trash can Bayleigh."

She returns with the trashcan and I'm busting a gut because only Bayleigh would do something like this.

Mrs. Lamb: "Okay sweetheart, I need you to push this side of your nose shut.

: "But it's this side Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb
: "I know sweetie just push your other nostril shut."


Holding the trash can up to her nose I said....

Mrs. Lamb: "Now BLOW!"

Seconds later, thanks to a good farmer blow, the nickel size ball of tissue comes flying out her nose into the trash can and I hear....


My other students
: "WOW!! Good job Bayleigh!!!"

And that my friends... is why I teach first grade. Did I mention the burnt, chocolate chip cookies that she stayed up all night making for me? That's another story for another day :-)

Honoring My Veteran

Since yesterday was Veterans Day, I thought it would only be fit to honor my own Veteran, Scottie!!

Thanks Lovers for all you do!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The educated and noneducated

There are educated voters.....

Showing of our "I voted" stickers

Enjoying this bumper sticker on my way home from voting.

And then there are uneducated voters...

It's a simple as that. I sure hope you are an educated voter.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This year for our Halloween party, it was quite difficult to come up with unique costume. So, in my weekly journals that I write to my first graders, I asked them what they thought I should be. I had several hilarious responses such as: "You should be a waterfall because you're so tall" or "You should be a super model because you're the prettiest teacher....(good boy). But the best idea had to have been: "You should be a lamb!!" and that's just what we did...well kinda? Here I am as Little Bo Peep. Can you guess who my sheep is?

Apparently I didn't know how to wear my costume so half way through our party my friend so kindly told me my top was on backwards!! I did wonder why is was so uncomfortable? Ha ha. Scottie's costume was a classic!! I made it out of 10 bags of cotton balls and one can of spray adhesive...and a pair of sweats. Thanks for making my day babe!!

Here is a picture after I figured out how my costume was suppose to look.

Here are a few pics from our party!!

Yummy Food

Here is my first grade team dressed as....

of course, crayons.

And my cute class...

But what is Halloween without the usual carving of the pumpkins?

Happy Halloween!