Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I Teach First Grade

Whenever I tell people that I teach, they often respond by saying "That's cool. What grade do you teach?" Then when I tell them that I teach first grade they say "I don't know how you do it?" Sometimes I agree with them but then there are little moments like today that make me realize why I really do teach first grade! Here's how it went. We were just getting ready to go to the library when I look over and see one of my dear students, Bayleigh, picking her nose. This is our convo...

Mrs. Lamb: "Bayleigh, quit picking your nose!"

"But it hurts Miss Laaam (said with a Texas accent) it's bleeding, I need a band aid!!"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Let me see sweetie"

Bayleigh then shows me the inside of her nose. (As if a band aid would work in this area?)

Mrs. Lamb:
"It looks like your okay, but if you keep picking at it, it's gonna bleed."

Bayleigh: "

Shortly after getting to library, I look over and see Bayleigh picking her nose again....

Mrs. Lamb:
"Bayleigh, quit picking at your nose!'

"But it still hurts Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb
"I know Bayleigh, that's why I want you to stop picking at it!"

At this point the librarian is reading a story to the class and I hear....

Bayleigh: "Mrs. Marshall, my nose is bleeding!!" (guess she didn't believe me)

Mrs. Marshall
(The librarian): "Go get a tissue on the counter."

Now, the librarian and I are dying of laughter in the back of the room watching her shove pieces of tissue up her nose. So just picture this little girl with these funny facial expressions with gobs of tissue sticking out of her nose.

Five minutes later....

Bayleigh: "Miss Laam!!! I have tissue stuck up my nose!!!!"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Come here, let me see. Tilt your head back."

As I'm looking up her nose for any trace of a tissue, I can't see all. I was getting quite nervous that I would have to pry it out with tweezers or something so I said...

Mrs. Lamb: "Bayleigh, go get the trash can."

Bayleigh: "
What for Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb:
"Just go get the trash can Bayleigh."

She returns with the trashcan and I'm busting a gut because only Bayleigh would do something like this.

Mrs. Lamb: "Okay sweetheart, I need you to push this side of your nose shut.

: "But it's this side Miss Laaam?"

Mrs. Lamb
: "I know sweetie just push your other nostril shut."


Holding the trash can up to her nose I said....

Mrs. Lamb: "Now BLOW!"

Seconds later, thanks to a good farmer blow, the nickel size ball of tissue comes flying out her nose into the trash can and I hear....


My other students
: "WOW!! Good job Bayleigh!!!"

And that my friends... is why I teach first grade. Did I mention the burnt, chocolate chip cookies that she stayed up all night making for me? That's another story for another day :-)


Heidi said...

I miss things like this!! Only a lower grade teacher would understand!! Give your students a wink and a smile for me!! It was good to see you for a little bit on Halloween!

Cindi said...

Only Bayl-e-i-g-h. I had to put it that way because I think she tells me every other day how it is spelled. :)

Ashley and Brett said...

oh! How I miss my first graders! This is hilarious! I loved teaching for the same reason!

Keeping sane said...

too funny-- hey I ned your email addy to invite u to our blog. I went private.

Julie and Balta said...

There's always one or two we'll NEVER FORGET! You're a great teacher... hang in there!

jonna said...

I miss those moments...hope to have those with taylor...she already cracks me up. Nice job on the farmer blow...I am impressed!

Lindsey Walker said...

This is a hilarous story! Little kids are the best.

bk jones said...

Oh that is so funny! The good ol snot rockets. I be all you are the funnest teacher!

The Peterson's said...

I love 1st grade!! I miss it a lot! They are the cutest!

Betsy said...

Hey!! found your blog- I hope all is well up north. That's a darling story. I love that you taught a girl how to cowboy blow :)

Mom Swalz said...

Help!!! Ms Laaaam! You are the cutest teacher! Keep having fun! I love you and miss you- see you next week!

Lisa Riddle said...

I totally understand Swalz!

Loftus' said...

Cute blog!!! I can totally picture Bayleigh doing this, as she has done it in front of me while I'm helping her read - she is a funny girl!! Ashlin adores you and we are so glad to have you as her teacher!! Thanks for all you do with her, she has learned so much and loves coming to school!

Brittany said...

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I was wondering if you get a minute will you put a link to my website on your blog? It is Thanks

Lacey said...

You just made me miss teaching all over again. ME...YOU...LUNCH...NEXT WEEK
I'll pick up some yummy food and bring it out. Call me!

The Hughes' said...

Ha ha! That is classic. Maybe you could do what Kimmy did and get petri dishes and have the kids pick their noses and wipe it on the dishes to show them how GROSS it is. She said it worked and she hardly has any nose pickers...


Melanie Nielsen said...

ROFL!!!! It is times like that, that make it worth it to come the next day!! Oh and the, "I love you Mrs. Laaam!" (or what was in my sons case, Ms. Swalberg!!!)

Crystal said...

Hey! So I just discovered your blog and am bustin a gut here! I love this story. Seriously though, I don't know how you do 1st grade! Thanks for the giving me a chuckle! :)

Tiercy said...

And this is precisely why you make such a great teacher (and a future mother) You can see the funny side of everyday mundane things.