Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip to Indiana

February 19-23

This weekend I got to fly to Indiana with my family (minus Scottie) to see my sister Amy and my brand new nephew Collin, and to be there for his baby blessing! He is so cute!! He makes me want one of my own! Before we flew out I was really hoping that Scottie would get to come. Unfortunately, since he is working in Denver he wasn’t able to come along on our family excursion. But in my mind I had a glimmer of hope thinking that he was, due to some prior clues I was given. Let me explain. Last weekend when Scottie came home for Valentine’s Day, we went and saw my parents on Saturday. When my dad asked what we were going to do that night, I told him that Scottie had already surprised me! That’s when my dad got this confused look on his face and said “I thought the surprise would be at the airport?” Suddenly, everyone at the table looked at each other like he had said something he wasn’t suppose to. At that point I thought maybe Scottie wouldn’t be going home on Sunday and he was going to stay for an extra day, since Monday was Presidents Day. Well let’s just say I was sad when I drove him to the airport that night and he really did get on the airplane and really did fly off. Depressing. Anyway, the following Tuesday when I was talking to Scottie on the phone, we were talking about how busy he was and all the things he had to do. He told me that he needed to meet with Char (she is the investigator that he is helping the missionaries with in Denver) so he could give her something. I then asked him why he didn’t just give it to her on Sunday. He then told me, “I would, but I won’t be here this weekend.” I was so confused? “Well where are you going?” I asked. He then told me that he was going to Cripple Creek for an audit this weekend and that’s why he wasn’t going to be in town. I grew curious because he sounded awkward like he didn’t me for that to slip? I blew it off and acted like I wasn’t suspicious at all because I LOVE surprises, and since I was going to Indiana that same weekend, I knew he was up to something! Instantly the wheels started turning and I thought that since I had a lay over in Denver on my way to Indiana, he was going to meet me! I was so excited! Before I knew it, it was Thursday and we were on our way to Indiana. When we stopped in Denver I was looking everywhere for Scottie thinking he would be there. But unfortunately I got on the plane without him. Once again my brain was turning. He had to be somewhere! Then I thought that maybe he was already there and he would be picking us up from the airport with my sister Amy, my niece Kenzie, and my new nephew Collin! Oh what a glorious surprise it would be! The second we got off the airplane and started toward the baggage claim, I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling!! My mom kept asking me “what are you so happy about?” Of course I didn’t want her to know I knew, so I just told her I was excited to see baby Collin. When my dad went to get the rental car (since all seven of us plus my sister and the kids wouldn’t fit in my sisters car) I told him I’d go with him so he didn’t have to go by himself. When we were about half way to the rental car my mom called my dad and told me to go back to “help with the luggage”! Haha I thought!! I knew it! They can’t fool me?! Scottie is waiting for me! So I turned around and headed for the baggage claim. On our way out the door I stood anxiously waiting for Scottie to pull up in the car with my sister. Then I saw my sister and no Scottie. I thought maybe he’d be in the back seat hiding but ya, that didn’t’ happen either. It was so good to see my sis though! I haven’t seen her since October. She looked so good and baby Collin was SO cute! So we all got in the car and my mom said that we should go and my dad and the rest of us would meet at the house. So of course at this point I’m thinking that Scottie was on another flight and they had to stay behind to pick him up. When we got to the house I waited for the rest of my family to come home. Sadly again, he never showed. I was getting upset!!! Where was my lover!!! That night I slept at my sisters house and I went to bed depressed. That’s when I got another idea! The Hughes family was going to be flying in tomorrow night!! I remembered Cody saying that he was going to pick up his family (even though they were getting a rental car that would fit them all) so I figured Scottie must be flying in with them and Cody was going to pick him up! Finally my mind was at ease knowing that he would be there tomorrow and I was out like a light.
The next day was great! I woke up to Kenzie hiding in my bed all dressed up in her princess attire. She is a crack up that Kenzie. That day we went swimming at the freezing cold hotel pool and then Amy, Adam, my Dad, Sinika, Kenzie, Elliott, Oliver and I went to the Children’s Museum. I was so impressed with all the things they had to do there! Four levels of pure kid fun! Carousels, giant Legos, trains, dinosaours, you name it!

Kenz and me on the carousel

When we were done we went back to my sisters and waited for the Hughes family to arrive. One by one they trickled in the door...but still there was no Scottie, but there was also no Cody! Later Cody came home...solo of course and by now I had had it. I was convinced that Scottie really was going to Cripple Creek like he said, and I was just up in the night!!! That night I went to the hotel with my family and I just couldn’t wait to go to bed. When we reached the room, my mom said she was going to go talk to the front desk to see if they could bring me a cot to sleep on. When she returned she told me that since my mom had asked for one this morning and they were out of cots, they would give me a room to of charge for the inconvenience. THAT”S IT!!! This time I knew it! My mom and dad then helped me bring all my stuff down to my very own room. I knew that the second I walked into the door Scottie would be standing in there waiting to surprise me! I opened the door and what to my surprise...THERE WAS NOTHING!! At this point I’m sure you know that I was really on the verge of tears! He really wouldn’t be coming now. Maybe I just have this disastrous imagination? Since my mom didn’t want me sleeping alone she told my dad that he should stay in the room and my mom and I would stay together. We could talk and hang out, watch a movie, and just have fun! It sounded good and the time so I grabbed my stuff again and returned to the other room. I quickly got into my pajamas watched an episode of CSI and then my dad came and grabbed his stuff to go sleep in the other room. By this time it was midnight. I had completely given up hope that my Scottie was coming and went to wash my face and brush my teeth. As soon as I was about ready for bed, I heard the door open. I turned around to see who was coming in at 12:15 a.m. I looked down and noticed that those weren’t my dad's shoes....BUT SCOTTIE”S!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Just when I had given up hope, he finally came! I was so excited I couldn’t’ stop screaming! The poor people next to us were probably so annoyed! My sister in law and brother could hear me three rooms away? (oops?) When I thought my dad had gone to sleep he had actually went to the airport to pick up Scottie! All I can say is my mom, dad, and Scottie pulled off one heck of a surprise and even though I knew he was coming, I was STILL surprised! It was so good to see my Scottie I have missed him so much!!

Scottie surprising me in the hotel room at 12:30 in the a.m.

The next day we got to go the Indianapolis race way! It was really neat to see all the old race cars and sit in one. I don't know how they do it by looking at them? They've got to be four feet tall in order to sit comfortably?

We also went downtown and stopped by a little War memorial right in the center of downtown. I think we're the cutest couple ever? haha

Sunday morning we woke up and went to little Collin’s baby blessing. Cody gave a really nice blessing and we had a blast hanging out at Amy and Cody’s with the Hughes' family and of course eating lots of food! Since Cody will be done with his residency in Indiana I hope that they will come back to Utah or somewhere at least within driving distance so I can play with Kenz and baby Collin! I have missed them so much!

My fabulous sister and the little man himself!

He's gonna be such a good dad one day :-)

Ames, me and Scottie and of course baby Collin

The whole family, minus Megs who couldn't make it :-(

Ames, Me and baby Collin, Sinika, & Elliott

My cute sister Ames and me (I miss her SO much)

Finally Updated!

Finally I am officially updated! I haven't had my computer for the past two months and all my pictures were on it! I still have a few more pictures to add but I at least documented the important stuff! Anyway I'm glad that I didn't give up and finally posted about our wonderful past two months over several posts?

Valentine's Day

February 14th, 2009

This weekend for Valentine’s Day, Scottie came home! But before he arrived Friday night, Scottie decided to send me a little love before hand. Since our school is competing in the Jazz reading contest, our school made an announcement that some BYU athletes would be coming around to the classes to talk to the students about how important it is to read. Later on that day during our class Valentine’s party, I was walking around taking pictures of my kids when four older men walked in dressed in black pants and black shirts with red vests. I didn’t think anything of it. For some odd reason I was thinking that instead of sending BYU athletes to talk to the students they must have sent University of Utah coaches! Of course that all changes when they handed me flowers and busted out in song? Scottie had hired a barbershop quartet to come serenade me!! I was laughing so hard because everyone in the hall was looking in and all eyes were on me!!!

My kids were also caught off guard. As they were singing to me my kids swarmed around me and started snapping their fingers to the beat. I couldn’t help but listen to their conversations with each other. They were cracking me up with comments like “Scott is going to be so mad!!” & “These guys are in love with Mrs. Lamb!!!”

After they sang I just had to get a picture with them! They sounded awesome and I loved every second of it! Thanks babe for never failing to surprise me! It made my day!

Later that night I went to pick up Scottie from the airport I was so excited but as I know when it comes to airplanes nothing ever goes my way! Of course his plane was delayed so instead of arriving in Salt Lake at eight he didn’t get in till nine. After waiting in the park in wait until his plane landed, he called me and said he was just waiting for his luggage. I thought by the time I drove up to the curb he’d be out but there were so many planes delayed that the traffic was insane and I couldn’t pull over to the curb to pick him up!! I ended up driving the airport loop three times until he finally picked up his luggage. At this point I was waiting at the curb and waiting until a cop pulled in front of me. I thought it would be smart to leave and do another lap. Just as I pulled out, Scott called and said he had his luggage. Of course it was too late and I had to do another loop. Two seconds later I realized I had missed the exit to return back to the pick up curb and I was headed for the freeway! AH! I was so upset I wanted to my honey and NOW!! Finally after a long route back to the airport we made it home safely!
The next day was Valentine’s day. I told Scott I didn’t want to hang out with ANYONE (except him and him only). I enjoyed having him all to myself and not having to share him with other company. We went to get smoothies, went to Olive Garden and then to a movie. It was a fun, relaxing day with my lovers. That night I gave him his Valentine’s gift. Since I am a teacher I have access to a lot of craft supplies hence the gigantic valentine?

Overall it was fun to have my Scottie home for a short weekend.
Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! I love you SO much!

First Trip to Denver

January 8th, 2009

This weekend I got to fly out to Denver to visit Scottie! Those of you who don’t know, Scottie has been gone since January 2nd doing an internship with RSM Mcladrey in Denver, Colorado. Being now (at the time) January 22 you can only imagine how EXCITED I was to see him! Since Scott and his friend Mike are both doing this internship, Mike’s wife Kelly and I flew out to Denver together. All was going well, I had left school early to get home and grab my stuff, pick up Kelly and to get to the airport on time for our flight. My mom drove us to the airport but as soon as we got closer....the fog set in. We checked our bags and anxiously awaited for our plane to board. Kelly was in the process of telling me about her bad luck with traveling when the airport worker came over the intercom to announce that NO flights were going to be taking off or landing due to the fog. Our flight that was coming in from Denver to pick us up, was hovering waiting for the fog to clear out. After a while our flight was diverted back to Denver and we would no longer be leaving at 6:00 but now 9:30! I jokingly turned to Kelly and told her I was never traveling with her again due to her bad luck! Haha. When our flight finally took off we arrived in Denver at 11:30. We were beat so we went straight to bed. The next morning Scottie took me around and showed me his office. It was so nice! Way to go Scottie! After that he took me and showed me the first place he lived when they first arrived in Denver. Before Scottie left for Denver, he was trying to find a place to stay for a decent price. He had arranged to live in this house he had heard about from a bishop in town that gave him the information. He had told me about this place over the phone but I was in for a real treat!! He had told me about the size and smell of the place but I just about died when I got the personal tour! It was an old house off Coalfax Avenue where all the rooms were converted into mini apartments. Therefore each apartment, including the bathroom and kitchen was no bigger than 150 square feet (and that’s being generous). Not to mention the rat problems and the stairs to the outside that looked like someone was murdered and drug down. Allow me to give you you're own personal tour....

First the parking spot...How inviting?

Next up, the famous stairs...(the picture just doesn't do justice?)

Welcome to room four...It has state of the art security...

When you walk in there is a great, spacious room that will fit the largest family....

In the kitchen, lets just say it was big enough for only one person alone.
The stove in the kitchen is so old that I’m sure you can fit any size casserole dish in it! The knobs on the stove are missing so in order to cook you will need a pair of pliers to turn the gas on. Scottie even went to Home Depot to get knobs for it but you can’t find them anywhere because it’s that outdated! State of the art I tell ya. It doesn't get any more vintage than this folks...

In the bathroom there is a nice big window in the bathtub just about the perfect height to show off your ‘assets”.

This quaint apartment even has a laundry room! Just be sure to bring your own weapon of defense. Some say this is the place where "Silence of the Lamb's" was filmed!

I hope you've enjoyed our tour. Please travel with us again soon!!

While we were there, I got to meet the three other couples (who had kids) that lived in the other apartments that were the same size. They were so nice and all from BYU or BYU Idaho coming to Denver to do an internship as well! Fortunately enough, a friend that was working with Scottie had moved in with her boyfriend and had an empty apartment just sitting. Since it was cheaper for her to just wait out her lease than to get out of it, she just left it. So she let Scott and Mike live in it. How convenient!! From what I’ve heard one of the couples water still doesn’t work at their old place so they are using Scottie and Mike’s old apartment for water. Good thing it’s now available.
That night we went to dinner with Ryan and Amberlyn. Ryan is brothers with our friend Jared Mair who is also from Utah. They have lived in Denver for a few years and offered to show us around. They invited us to dinner at Maggianos and took us to see the Temple in Littleton and then gave us a tour of their house (since it was getting late). They were so fun and great to be around.Scottie and Me
Mike & Kelly (Scottie's roommate)
Ryan & Amberlyn

The next day was Sunday. We went to church at a ward in downtown Denver. It was SO small! We got to sit in on the first discussion with the missionaries and an investigator. Her name was Char and she was so funny and so interested in the church. Most of her family was dead and she had heard about the church and how family oriented we are so she became really interested on her own. She had the funniest questions! She thought that in Utah everyone’s address was related to where they were from the Salt Lake Temple. She asked us if we lived on North Temple or South Temple. I hope that she’ll be baptized one day.
Later on we had to hurry and get home to pack our bags and get to the airport. It was so fun and so short! I was anxious to get home but didn't want to leave.

But little did I know our travel nightmares had just begun!!! When we got on our flight we were waiting to take off. It took 45 minutes to de-ice the runway so our flight was late....once again. When we arrived in Utah it was snowing like crazy! I was so excited since Denver doesn’t get that much snow and if they do, it doesn’t stick long. (crazy I know?) My dad picked us up and drove us home. When we got to my house, Kelly turned to me and said “Where’s my car?” Since I didn’t know what she drove and where she parked I had no clue! We went inside and called the police department to see if it had been towed. They had no record of it and then called us back about fifteen minutes later to tell us that they had found her car but it was recorded wrong so they couldn’t find it. By this time it was 10:30 and we were both so tired and ready for bed. We called the towing company to see if we could pick it up. Since it was snowing there were lots of accidents and we would have to wait an hour and a half to come get it! Since Kelly lives in Provo I offered to take her home but then she wouldn’t have a way to get to school in the morning. (she teaches fourth grade). So we waited an hour and a half and drove down to the towing company. While we were waiting the towing company called us and told us it would be another 20 minutes! We were so frustrated and ready to be done traveling. Finally the tow truck pulled up to the random field. Kelly gave him her credit card (which took another 10 minutes to run?) in the meantime the snow was building up more and more. The man got out of his truck opened the gate and Kelly went back to get her car. It had only been towed last night, but thanks to the wonderful snow, her car was totally stuck!! Chelcie and I ran back while the guy watched us in his tow truck, push her out. We finally got it out and then it got stuck again!! That’s when the tow truck man thought it would be smart to see if we needed help. Instead of helping us push (which would have been easier with a man’s help) he decided that he’d rather tow us out instead (which took another 15 min).

Finally at about 1:00 we got home and went to bed and I was beginning to think that I would never travel with Kelly again (haha just kidding Kelly). Overall I was glad to be home but lonely once again. I enjoyed Denver only for the mere fact that my Scottie was there but I missed the Utah mountains and my sense of direction. Hopefully our next trip on January 22 will be a bit more successful.

Hanging out with Chelc

Since Scottie has been gone, I've been quite lonely! It's a good thing I have my good friend Chelcie here to keep me comapany! She has pretty much moved in and I have enjoyed every second having her here! She is hilarious!I kind of feel like I'm back in college living with roommates but at the same time being married? Chelcie and I have also developed a love for Kix! My favorite it the new Honey Kix and wow they are delicious! In fact they are so delicious that we consume three boxes a day! Well, not really but it looks like it?

We also have a blast shopping at Walmart together and watching the Bachelor! Thanks Chelc for keeping me company while my Scottie is away!