Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christmas with the Lamb's

December 20th, 2008

The next day my parents flew out to Indiana to be there for the birth of baby Collin, and Scottie and I made our way down south to visit Scott's family and celebrate Christmas with the Lamb's! It was so much fun! Since Scottie and I won the grand prize at last years Christmas party we were put in charge of the games for this year's party. Boy can we throw a party I tell ya! My favorite game was blowing up eight balloons and shoving them into the legs of panty-hoes. Once you got the balloons in the panty-hoes you had to put it on your head and sing Rudloph the Red Nose Reindeer as fast as you could. I was laughing pretty hard.Scottie and Me as Rudolph
Rick (Scott's Brother in Law)
Thomas (Scott's brother)

Everyone was determined to beat Scottie and Christie since we won EVERY game last year and took the grand prize home as well! It was quite a sight!
For Christmas Eve we headed over to Audrey's house (Scott's sister) and had family dinner. Scott enjoyed tormenting his niece and nephews. I think he is ready for some kids of his own.

Scott's nephews LOVE him! He likes to wrap them up in sleeping bags...
and spin em around until they look like this.
Gotta love little Jason

And this is me trying to get a decent picture of us. Yes is took several attempts since Scottie refuses to smile. He pretty much hates taking pictures unless it's in front of a monument or it has a great background. I somewhat agree but I feel that sometimes the best pictures are the ones that have the worst backgrounds....

It starts with "the cheezer"
then we have "the poser"
next up, "the refusal to cooperate"
of course, "the fight"
the famous "eyelids"
"a somewhat decent smile with more eyelids"
"the stubborn Shot

finally a somewhat good picture.
One day he'll be mad at himself and wonder why our kids will say "Mom, why does Daddy never smile in any of the pictures?"
Then on the other hand he does take some good ones, of course without me in them.
this is such a seasonal picture don't you think?
Happy Holidays from the Lamb's!