Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best of Luck

The other day I was out and about getting things ready for school. I had to stop by my mamas house and while I was there she asked if I could run to the store for her. I of course don't mind running errands for my sweet mom who does so much for me so I willingly agreed. Well one thing I always admire when I go to my parents house is my former car. When I was single and stupid, I spontaneously bought an Acura TSX and LOOOOOOOOVED it. Well since I'm now married to an accountant, he explained to me that my car payment was too much for a newlywed couple to bare if we wanted to ever buy a house. So we sold it to my fabulous parents who wanted a run-around car. Hence the reason I dream of driving it when I visit. Well back to my story.....My mom asked me to run an errand and so I decided that I should splurge and relive my single days in the Acura. haha. So off I went on my merry way and ran the errand for my lovely mother. As I was about to back out of my parking spot, I being an expectant mother, turned to see if anyone was behind me. Of course there was this big black Toyota Sequoia that was driving down the lane looking for a place to park. After it passed I slowly backed out and as I was just about to put the car into drive to be on my merry way, I could see that this black sequoia decided that she would reverse to park in the spot she had driven past. I could see her barreling my way so I laid on my horn hopping she would clue in but apparently that didn't work until she crunched into the back of my former beautiful Acura......which is now owned by myparents.
It of course wasn't my fault but I was very annoyed at the Sequoia driver and how she tried to make it sound like I was the careless driver??? Hello? I would look behind me before I barrel down the lane going the wrong way and oh, I would buckle my kids in their seats so they weren't dancing around in the car, unlike you lady?? So tell me? Who do you think is responsible now? Anyway moving on....
Today (five days after the accident) my handsome husband was backing out of the Walmart parking lot when another careless driver who didn't find it important to look before backing out, ran into my husband.....who was driving my car.

After we cleared up that whole mess I finally made it out to the school where I mold young minds, and upon my arrival and excitment to finally be there and get lots done, I plug in my computer and hit the power button. I was very dissapointed when nothing happened. I thought maybe it was my cord so I borrowed one from another teacher hoping that it would work in this oh so busy time of year, and much to my surprise it didn't. Then I tried another outlet. Once again nothing. I was about to cry!! How on earth could my computer fail me now!! Not at this time of year! Anytime but now! Unfortunatly my school computer is shot and the tech guy won't be out till Wednesday. So until then I will be digging through the files in the back of my brain trying to recreate everything I have made over the past four years of teaching. I sure hope that we're on the up an up now. Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Back in March the bishopric came over to my house and wanted to meet with me and my husband. I was a little worried since we hadn't been in the ward too long. I knew I was going to be getting a calling, since Scott already had one, which I was fine with, but I was also nervous about what it would be. I had just assumed that I would be put in the primary or nursery like I always have been and I wasn't too excited about it. Since I teach school it seems like I'm always the "perfect candidate" for primary. Truth be told, I LOVE my job but I also enjoy my break from kids on the weekends. So when my bishop asked me to be Camp Director I was shocked!!! I was so excited to have something different for once but I was also very nervous since I'm obviously used to working with little kids. As time grew closer to camp I began to get worried that it wouldn't be fun and that I wouldn't like the girls or even worse, they wouldn't like me! Before I knew it, it was August 9th and camp was here. We went to Heber Valley Camp and it was amazing! My girls were so fun and I really enjoyed getting to know every single one of them. They taught me a lot and we laughed so hard!
Our ward theme this year was B.R.A.V.E. which stands for Becoming Righteous And Virtuous Examples. My girls were so funny at making sure "The Babe" was okay. They always made sure that I was "eating for two" and that I wasn't hungry or having to do any work. They also came up with a clever nick name for me "Crispy" which came from the Young Women's president's little boy calling me Crispy instead of Christie haha.Thanks girls for making my first girls camp experience (in ten years???) a fabulous one!