Monday, April 23, 2012

water lover

we have a child.  a child that loves water.  in fact, when i was getting ready, she got a hold of the wii remote, walked right over to the toilet and PLUNK.....threw it in.  Of course i quickly pulled it out and hoped that it would still work, but that night scottie had to go to the store and buy a new one so we could watch our favorite shows at night after little G went to bed. 

The next week i was getting ready for church and gabby was taking a nap.  I had the video monitor sitting on the counter so i could tell when she woke up.  I was in a hurry and church was starting in about 20 minutes.  I was still not ready to go when gabby woke up I knew that i would be in a rush.  As soon as i heard her, i ran in, got her dressed, sat her on my counter to do her hair.  She started throwing things in the sink and turning on the water.  First the soap, a brush, q-tips.....things i don't really care about it they get wet.  And then as i had the hair dryer on and was styling her "alfalfa"curl, i heard a plop.  in went the baby monitor and there i was standing in shock trying not to electrocute myself and my daughter as we both stared at what was left of the monitor.  

Well the lastest incident happened the other night.  it was bedtime and gabs and I had just finished our nightly routine.  She had a fun but rather short bath (thanks to all the daily poops in the tub- we have no time for fun.  it's in and out before things get out of control....if you know what i mean).  I lotioned her up, put her in the last pair of {clean} jammies and set her in the playroom to play while i went to grab her binkie downstairs.  In the back of my mind i kept thinking i should have drained the tub but it didn't.  When i came back upstairs gabby was no where to be found but i could hear giggling and splashing.  I headed for the bathroom and just as i expected, there she was fully clothed and playing in the undrained tub.  keep in mind she was dry from head to waist so don't ask me how she managed to pull that one off?  every day when i am getting ready she tries to climb in the tub but its' too tall and can't quite make it over the side.  i figured one day she'll figure it out but she'd have to fall in head first.  apparently she figured it out.  




Weeeell, I guess she wasn't quite ready to get out of the tub.  I couldn't help but laugh.  She was having the time of her life splashing and squealing.  Then she stood up...


things were good at first....

and then she realized she was wet and her clothes were heavily clinging to her.  Then all hell broke loose...  


After she was done i dried her off and dressed her in the least dirty jammies i could find and put her to bed.  I was so glad, happy and thankful that she was ok and didn't fall and hit her head.  I learned my lesson to drain the tub as i get her out and to laugh at the silly things this little girly does.    

Oh, gabby-thanks for keeping me on my toes.  I love you!