Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be Patient!!

So now that we are officially down south for the summer....I don't have internet so be patient I will catch up with posts eventually!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

20 Reasons why I love my Daddy

Since today is Father's Day I really wanted to come home and spend some time with my pops. It was so good being home and I just love spending time with my Dad. If you were to ask anyone....they would all say he is the most hilarious person they know. Besides that, there are many other reasons why I love my Dad so here are just a few!

20. His laugh is quite contagious and if you're having a bad day? Well one minute with him will turn it around. In fact my neighbors will tell you that they can hear his laugh all the way down the street.
19. He is the most caring person you will ever meet....seriously
18. He is a hard worker and always made sure that us kids had what we needed growing up.
17. When I was growing up he would get up EVERY morning and make me breakfast. Not just any old breakfast though. I'm talkin' the works! My normal breakfast would include pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream with a side of fruit and yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice. Simply because cold cereal just wasn't enough to start my day off right.
16. He has a very strong testimony and taught me the gospel.
15. He is always willing to give me a Priesthood blessing when I need one.
14. He can't go a meal without sharing his plate with the dog. Oh ya...he makes her breakfast every morning now that the kids are all gone.
13. If I have a problem he will do anything to try and fix it to make me happy while at the same time helping me learn from my mistakes.
12. He LOVES Ronny Milsap. LOVES!!
11. If you ask my Dad for five bucks he'll slip ya fifty...."but don't tell your mother". haha
10. He supported me at EVERY basketball game I ever played.
9. He married my wonderful mom.
8. He is a wonderful cook and can make anything without a recipe.
7. He has an herb for every disease known to man.
6. He is quite a texting machine since he learned how to use his phone.
5. He is always interested in what's going on in my life.
4. He's also a big fan of my Scottie
3. He can tell you about anything that has to do with History. He can also take you on a guided tour at Gettysburg, Alcatraz, Pearl Harbor, or any other place of interest across the United States.
2. If you were lost in Africa he could tell you where to go. He has such a keen sense of direction.

and last but not least....

1. He's MY Daddy!

Of course I could go on and on about my Dad but I just wanted him to know that I love him so very much! Happy Father's Day Dad!