Friday, February 19, 2010

I'll admit...I'm an awful teacher

I'm an awful teacher.
It seems I have told a lie.
An awful lie.
But it promoted a child to stay in school, thus furthering his education.
Yes I may be justifying it.
Here's the story....

It was recess. Miss C. and I tend to meet up and chat for a brief moment before heading off to mold young minds, when all of a sudden my fantastic little Colton comes up to me with a half convincing smirk on his face and says "Mrs. Lamb? I'm not feeling so well. I think I need to go home."

Mrs. Lamb thinks quick and says: "Oh man? That's just too bad! You're going to miss our banana split party? Dang!"

Colton: "Wait, what did you say?"

Mrs. Lamb: "Well, ya! We're having a banana split party but I guess if you don't feel good then we should go call your mom?"

At this point Miss C. and I started to rave about this wonderful banana split party we were going to have when Colton starts rubbing his tummy and says:

"You know, I think I'm starting to feel much better and so I think I should stay?"

As he heads out the door to enjoy the last few minutes of recess, Miss C. turned to me and says.

"So what are you having a banana split party for?"

Mrs. Lamb "We're not! I can just tell a faker when I see one." :-)


Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few Fun Facts about My Valentine

Full Name:
Merrill Scott Lamb...but I just call him Scottie

Place of Birth:
Paige, Arizona

Place of Schooling:
Valley High School Class of 2000
Dixie State College-Associates Degree
BYU-Masters of Accountancy 2010

Served a mission in:
Tirana, Albania

When and where did you meet?
April 21st, 2006 on a blind date while he was on leave from Iraq

How long did you date?
Dated about a year and a half...if you don't count the breaks in between

How long have you been married?
Two years and five months on the 21st

First kiss?
When we were watching a movie on our first date after he returned from Iraq. He just leaned over and nailed one on me about fifteen minutes into the movie....guess he couldn't wait till the doorstep?

Favorite thing to do as a couple:
Play our own version of "Don't Forget the Lyrics" in the car on road gets pretty heated.

What does he do that surprises you:
When I come home and he's cleaned the house, when he rents chic flicks to watch, and when he makes me breakfast.

What's your favorite feature about him?
His mole on his right cheek, his flat fingernails on his thumb and that he is four inches taller than me

Favorite quality about him?
He is one dependable man, He never lets me down. He can make me laugh at the drop of a hat!

Scottie, lovers, or babes

His favorite food?
Bananas, My creamy Pasta with veggies and a smoothie in hand

Least Favorite Food?
Yams, Chinese food and fish

Biggest accomplishment?
Serving in Iraq, running in the Saint George marathon and soon to be a college grad with a Masters in Accountancy! Oh and marrying the girl of his dreams??

His biggest pet peeve about me?
When I'm late, and when I say I will do something and then forget about calling about the cable, or ordering our wedding pictures. They will finally be here in the next couple of weeks though?

His Hidden Talent?
He can throw me around on the dance floor. Oh and the fact that he can entertain a child with a shoelace and floss, he's pretty creative.

How old is he?
A charming 28

Does he pay the bills?
Most definitely....we'd be in bad shape if it were my job. But boy would we have a nice wardrobe and a fine fancy house?

What side of the bed does he sleep on?:
He sleeps on the right. He once had this grand idea of switching sides but that lasted about three days.

Who mows the lawn?
He would if we had one. Hopefully by the spring...and it will most likely be him but I'll be there with the lemonade.

Who's a better debater?
Really? That would be him. My debate skills are quite depressing and beside the point and I get too emotional

How many siblings does he have?

Who does the dishes?
Scottie ALWAYS does the dishes well...95% of the time.

What do you admire most about him?
His spirituality and financial savvy mind. He can always make me laugh and I can never be mad at him for more than five minutes.....oh and the random games that he can come up with in the blink of an eye!

Happy Valentine's Lovers!
I love you from my head to my toes!

Love, Me