Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dryer Malfunction

This morning I was in quite the rush to make it to my team meeting. I knew that today was the day that the city would be pouring the cement for the sidewalks that were ripped up yesterday. We were suppose to park on the street but there was a perfect strip just long enough to get in and out my driveway so I parked in the garage instead. Since I knew they would be coming at 8:00 sharp, I thought I'd be out just in time to get out of their hair. In the process of getting ready I realized I was running always and I ran into my closet to find something to wear. I grabbed a shirt out of the clean laundry that hadn't been folded yet, and ran into the laundry room. Upon my arrival I found the dryer door open with clothes inside. I threw my shirt in to relive it of its wrinkles and went to finish getting ready. As a left the laundry room, I looked out the window to see if I would be trapped in my driveway due to the cement truck that would soon be approaching my house to fill in my sidewalk. Luckily I was okay. I still had time. Seconds later I heard something that sounded like clunky shoes in the dryer. What could it be? I was in such a hurry I almost ignored it and walked past the laundry room to put on my mascara. Once again I was VERY curious as to what would be making such a loud noise so I went back into the laundry room to see what was the matter. As I opened the door to the dryer the first thing I heard was a very sad and serious "MEEEEooEEEEwwW" You can probably just picture my face as I very soon discovered that the loud noise was not was MY CAT!!!! I have never felt so horrible in my whole life!! Please don't report me for animal cruelty. It was most definitely a tragic mistake! Not only that but my poor cat was limping and very disoriented from her wild morning ride. I scooped her up hoping that she wouldn't suddenly give up the ghost and intantly began to pamper her to let her know that I was sorry and that this was not going to be another re-run of her previouse abusive owners. I feel as if she may never be the same! Please don't judge me. From now on I will always check the dryer to be sure it is free of house pets. You should to....I was mortified. But in case you are wondering, Lemons is going to be just fine