Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time to catch up

We're back!! It's about time we catch you guys up!! So now that we're home and school is finally under control, we thought we'd give you a recap of our wonderful summer down south! So enjoy, because we sure did!

This summer.....

Scottie surprised me for my birthday and took me to the wonderful Sin City. We stayed with his Aunt Tina, which was a lot of fun, and then he took me on a shopping spree for new clothes to every mall imaginable in Vegas. Now let me tell you, I was skeptical at first thinking that it he might last an hour of shopping, but I was wrong.....dead wrong. Not only was he being a sweetheart taking me shopping, but he became my personal shopping assistant! Every store we went into I would frantically start shopping to get as much shopping as a could before he was done. But much to my surprise he set out on a mission to find every article of clothing in my size that he thought I would like. I thought it was really sweet of him because he never complained once and he was a true shopper. He actually wore me out!
And believe it or not, he actually picked out almost everything I got. I'm so grateful to my tasteful husband who went to three malls and shopped with me for seven, that's right, SEVEN HOURS!!! After a long day of shopping we rushed home to get ready for the show! Since I am a huge Beatles fan he took me to see Cirque du Soleil's production of LOVE. It was so fun and I loved every minute of it. Thanks babe for the best birthday ever!! Now wish me luck trying to come out even on his upcoming birthday in October!!!

After our fun trip to Vegas we were
asked to speak at Girls Camp by Scottie's home ward. The theme of their camp was B.O.O.T Camp, Building on our Testimonies. Since Scott has been to Iraq they felt that we was highly qualified to speak and share a little insight to the girls. At first we thought we would just be speaking to his ward. But when we arrived at Mammoth Caves, we found out that we would be speaking to the whole Kanab Stake!! It was a little nerve racking at first but Scottie did a great job relating his experience in Iraq to building your testimony. Good thing all I had to do was introduce my hubby. haha

Since we lived so close to Scott's family this summer, we were able to hang out with them a lot more! It was really fun for me being able see them more often and get to know them a little better. Here we are at Lake Powell with Scottie's sister Audrey and his niece and nephews.

After our wonderful day trip to the Lake, Scottie had to come home and pack up for his very last weekend drill!!! It was a great feeling knowing that he will never have to go back to Iraq but it was quite sad when I had to shave his head? I just remember last year right before we got married and he had to shave his head. I kept telling him that it wasn't going to grow back in time for the wedding but he said he'd be fine. Never the less I was right and his hair was still short for the wedding, but I still love him :-)

Last year's shaving of the head.....

This year's shaving of the head...

Now it's been two years since he's been home from Iraq so here's a couple pictures.

Coming home....

After celebrating Scottie officially being done with guard, we came up north to celebrate the Fourth of July with the fam at Wasatch State Park.

While we are out n' about, we kept seeing these things everywhere on the trail. At first I thought they were rocks but when we slowed down I started to notice that they were crawling. They ended up being caterpillars....EVERYWHERE!! so we thought we'd pick some up.

Scone Night :-)

Hiking up to Cascade Springs

Testing out a wedding present (thanks Tina)

Camping with Friends up Cedar Mountain

Summer, Julie, Brittany & I cooking up some yummy tin foil dinners

Scottie, James & Jason building us girls a toasty fire

Enjoying our yumy tin foil diners and corn on the cob

Craig & Julie aka "Girlfriend"

Me and my Lovers

Jason & Karen (who recently just got engaged!!)

Klint, Summer, & Trace

James, Brittany, & Sheridan

That morning I was cutting up the watermelon for breakfast. Girlfriend luckily caught half of it before it rolled off the table....sorry bout the pants girl??

Here we are on our way home after camping. We saw a awesome overlook and thought we'd try to be self photographers. So if you're wondering why we look so retarted in these picutres, it's probably because we were staring right into the sun and trying to smile while getting the view in the background....yes it took several attempts.

This is what we were trying to get in the background...obviously didn't work? was quite a sight! which is why we went.....

Hiking in Bryce

Little did I know how close Bryce Canyon was to my Socttie's stompin grounds? We were exhausted when we got to Scott's parents and then got up the next morning to hike The Narrows in Zion Canyon....which is also like 20 miles away from Scott's home!! I'm actually quite jealous that he lived so close growing up

Zion's National Park

The next morning we woke up to find the weather was a little overcast? I was quite nervous because I've heard of flash floods in narrow canyons. So you can see why I was a little hesitant to go hike The Narrows. Oh ya, I'm not the most experienced hiker either but Scottie told me that the hike was the best hike he'd ever been on when he went two weeks prior. Never the less, he was very right! Hiking the Narrows was quite a treat! Except for the fact that my toes were bruised from slipping in-between the rocks....and my shins were sore from falling down the waterfall I was trying to climb up?

Starting out on some easy hikes while the weather cleared up.

Finally getting to hike The Narrows. This was a really cold part that was really deep.

Here's my attempt to climb up the rocks. It was so cold!!!

Finally out of the rough stuff

We got pretty good at being our own photograper

Exhausted after seven hours of hiking. But we had to get a picture of the sign on the way home.