Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skiing at Brianhead

December 23rd, 2008

Every time we go down to see Scott's family in Glendale, Scottie and I have made a tradition to go skiing together at Brianbead. This ski trip however was quite interesting. When we were back home packing up our ski stuff to come down, Scottie had mentioned that he had grabbed my snow stuff for me. Ok... let me explain my thinking. My ski stuff when I last used it was altogether in the closet (coat, gloves, hat, etc). Well, my kind husband lent out some of my snow gear to his friend last time he went snow boarding without my knowledge. When he put it all back it wasn't altogether. So when Scottie told me that he had grabbed my snow stuff I was thinking that he had grabbed ALL of my snow gear. Half way down to Glendale I turned to Scottie and asked..."You did grab my coat right?" Of course his answer was "No" and I now was stuck with out a coat! Then I realized that my good friend Chelcie was going to come down and teach me how to snowboard because she's been wanting to teach me forever! And that way Scottie could have fun with his friend Jolley! Perfect I thought!! She can bring my coat! But there was one problem. If the weather was too bad Chelcie said she wouldn't come. Well the morning of our ski trip we woke up to more snow that I have ever seen! Thanks to the wonderful snow storm of all snow storms Chelcie was unable to attend our fun filled day at Brianhead and I was stuck without a coat. At this point I needed to find a coat fast! Scott's sister said she had a really warm coat I could borrow...but the sleeves were too short. So she gave me another coat of hers that was....a total mom coat (no offense Aud?) But I couldn't exactly picture myself skiing in this huge puffy blue coat down the hillside. That's when Jolley called and told us that his wife Liana wasn't going to make it because she had to work! PERFECT!!! I quickly told Scottie to call Jolley and ask him to bring me Liana's coat because I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb? He told me he would try to find something. At this point I was feeling better about the trip because I was no longer going to snowboard (I was kind of nervous anyway), I was going to ski. I also felt better knowing that I wouldn't have to wear the mom coat of all mom coats on the slopes. We hurried and got ready and left at 7:00 am to make it to Brianhead. I must admit that I didn't think we were going to make it with all the snow that had fallen the past two days. But then I remembered that I am married to the most determined man of all....Scott. Because the roads were so bad we knew that we weren't going to be able to drive through Cedar Canyon so we opted for a better (and longer) route and drive through Zions Canyon then through Hurricane and then up to Brianhead from I-15. As soon as we hopped in the car we were stuck and it took us a while to get out. Once we were off we had to go slow because the roads were so icey. As we turned off the road to go through Zions, the roads hadn't even been plowed!! I was freaked out of my mind in our little car. We started driving through a foot worth of snow on the road following the tracks of another car. I immediately thought of the movie I once saw about this couple that got stuck in the snow on their way to a funeral and had to get out and walk. Because they were out in the snow for so long their feet became frostbitten and had to have their toes amputated. I know I'm lame and always think of the worst possible situation but really! I hadn't seen anoyone else on the road! Not once!?!?! As we drove through Zion we eventually got behind a snow plow (thank heavens) . Scott grew up close to Zions so he was used to driving through it and he said he had never seen that much snow in Zions ever before. It was crazy but also a very scenic drive! When we finally reached I-15 I have never seen so many cars that had slide off the side of the road. It was crazy!! I couldn't believe we were actually that stupid to drive all the way through a mess just to go skiing! By the time we made it to Cedar to meet up with our friend Treavor Jolley, I quickly asked him if he had found a coat for me to wear! He ran back to his car and as he was running back to our car all I could see was bright turqoise and black? What the? Was that a football logo I saw on the back? First of all I am not the big of a football fan. Second of all if you are going to make me wear a football jacket to ski in it better not be a lame team like the Miami Dolphins? I'd rather wear the mom coat? Anyway needless to say that I ended up wearing the stupid thing and everywhere I went on the slopes everyone and anyone would comment about my stupid coat. I felt stupid being a fan of a team I didn't even care about. Even when I went to rent my skis, one of the workers offered me HIS coat. He probably felt bad for me? I wanted to take it so bad but I didn't want to start anything up with him haha.
After a few runs on the step above the bunny hill, Jolley said we should go on this other hill. He said it was just like the one that I had been skiing on, just longer. Sweet! So off we went up the slope. Half way up, I knew I had made a mistake. The lift was no longer going on an angle up the hill, but straight up! I was leveled with the trees! Scott was laughing so hard at my face! I really didn't think I was going to make it down alive! Finally after we reached the top, I had to face my fear! What I really wanted to do was clock Jolley and his stupid idea to go on this run and then catch a ride back down on the lift! Very slowly, with my short as possible skis to help me go slow, I made my way down the hill. I felt like a brand new skier in the midst of pros! Everyone must have thought I was nuts! Half way down I stopped to calm myself down. My legs WOULD NOT stop shaking! My knees were practically knocking! By the time I had made it down the hill I was so proud of myself for not rolling all the way down. When I stopped, I all of a sudden thought I was going to throw up! My head started spinning and my body got cold and clammy. Then I looked around me and was frightened at the thought of of throwing up in front of everyone on the fresh powder. I decided to take a break and head back to the car for an early lunch and warm up. I have never felt so dumb and embarrassed at my skiing abilities in my life! Hopefully I won't be as traumatized next year, and hopefully it won't be as cold! Go Dolphins! haha Oh ya, I also forgot to bring my camera to the slopes so thank goodness for no pictures.