Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day

February 14th, 2009

This weekend for Valentine’s Day, Scottie came home! But before he arrived Friday night, Scottie decided to send me a little love before hand. Since our school is competing in the Jazz reading contest, our school made an announcement that some BYU athletes would be coming around to the classes to talk to the students about how important it is to read. Later on that day during our class Valentine’s party, I was walking around taking pictures of my kids when four older men walked in dressed in black pants and black shirts with red vests. I didn’t think anything of it. For some odd reason I was thinking that instead of sending BYU athletes to talk to the students they must have sent University of Utah coaches! Of course that all changes when they handed me flowers and busted out in song? Scottie had hired a barbershop quartet to come serenade me!! I was laughing so hard because everyone in the hall was looking in and all eyes were on me!!!

My kids were also caught off guard. As they were singing to me my kids swarmed around me and started snapping their fingers to the beat. I couldn’t help but listen to their conversations with each other. They were cracking me up with comments like “Scott is going to be so mad!!” & “These guys are in love with Mrs. Lamb!!!”

After they sang I just had to get a picture with them! They sounded awesome and I loved every second of it! Thanks babe for never failing to surprise me! It made my day!

Later that night I went to pick up Scottie from the airport I was so excited but as I know when it comes to airplanes nothing ever goes my way! Of course his plane was delayed so instead of arriving in Salt Lake at eight he didn’t get in till nine. After waiting in the park in wait until his plane landed, he called me and said he was just waiting for his luggage. I thought by the time I drove up to the curb he’d be out but there were so many planes delayed that the traffic was insane and I couldn’t pull over to the curb to pick him up!! I ended up driving the airport loop three times until he finally picked up his luggage. At this point I was waiting at the curb and waiting until a cop pulled in front of me. I thought it would be smart to leave and do another lap. Just as I pulled out, Scott called and said he had his luggage. Of course it was too late and I had to do another loop. Two seconds later I realized I had missed the exit to return back to the pick up curb and I was headed for the freeway! AH! I was so upset I wanted to my honey and NOW!! Finally after a long route back to the airport we made it home safely!
The next day was Valentine’s day. I told Scott I didn’t want to hang out with ANYONE (except him and him only). I enjoyed having him all to myself and not having to share him with other company. We went to get smoothies, went to Olive Garden and then to a movie. It was a fun, relaxing day with my lovers. That night I gave him his Valentine’s gift. Since I am a teacher I have access to a lot of craft supplies hence the gigantic valentine?

Overall it was fun to have my Scottie home for a short weekend.
Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! I love you SO much!


Cody and Wendy said...

First off, could Scottie be any cuter? I LOVE how good he is to you. Second, I'm sorry he's gone for so long. Third, I REALLY miss you and think we should get together SOON. Last but not least, you're so dang FOXY! Sure love ya Swals!!

Jack and Sarah: said...

Seriously? I absolutely love you too and I have never even met your husby. I love your posts very adventrous. Your students must adore you. I am so glad to see you doing so well. I miss you like crazy hello! Haven't seen you in 4 years! .....:(

Tiercy said...

Okay, I am laughing so hard. Ethan thought, for some reason, that Miss. C. had sent those guys. Hilarious! What a great husband to do that for you! You guys make a great couple! Love his scarf.