Friday, September 23, 2011

right before our very eyes

when did this little girl just decide to do everything?? 

i can't tell you how long i have tried to get her to eat anything on a spoon.  really.  but today I was eating cottage cheese and since she is always wanting what her mama wants i gave her what she asked for and holy crap and wanted more!  FROM A SPOON!!! 
nice goatee babe 

 all of a sudden she fits into the clothes i've been longing for her to fit into.  but at the same time makes me sad because that means little G isn't so little anymore.  I think she is almost ready to upgrade to size four diapers.  FOUR????

she wants to stand and hold on to something.  makes her feel like a big girl i guess :-) 

 grammy, aka special K bought little G her first Halloween costume and I think we already need to upgrade to the next size if we want her to fit into by the time trick or treating rolls around.  Here's a sneak peak.  she might just be a little tall for it. the tights not quite extend past the bum, whoops.  and the poor thing can't quite stand up straight with the hoodie on haha.  

she says mama and dada (even though she has no idea what it means) and baba and gaga. she's quite the little gabber.....literally.  

boy oh boy G!  We sure love you and can't believe your growing up right before our very eyes.