Monday, September 19, 2011

mornings with mama

every morning I wake up.....before i put on my makeup.....i say a little prayer for you.... haha I couldn't resist.  just like this little girl couldn't resist exploring the water faucet.  she was getting a little tired of playing with her toys as I was getting ready for work so I sat her on the counter with me and the next thing I know she had leaned over and turned on the faucet.  then the curious self that she is started splashing away and i didn't mind because she still hadn't eaten her breakfast yet so I figured she could get a little wet n wild. 

silly little girl.  I love how you are the most inquisitive girl out there!
{gabby 8 months}


sinika said...

I love this stage!!!!!! I have the cutest pics of E "helping" me put on my makeup.

Lindsey Walker said...

How cute is she! This is one of the best stages for little ones. She is such a doll.

Landon and Dana said...

I love her age.... they start doing so many things all at once and it is so fun to watch! enjoy every single second! haven't seen you in forever, hope you are doing good!