Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i love...

how you play peek a boo with me and daddy through your crib.

how you never liked baby food and went straight for the REAL food

how you snort when you giggle too much

how you smell after a bath and everywhere in between

how you can me the happiest lady on earth after a tough day with kindergarteners

how you are the loudest baby at church....not because you are being a stinker, but because you babble and squeal and laugh at everything and anything

how you dance and boogie when you are lying on your back

how you roll everywhere to get what you want.  crawling is so last year.

how your daddy and i fight over who gets to give you a bath, and lotion you up, and get you dressed....and tuck you in.

how happy you always are.  you spoil me rotten.  seriously.

how you have your mamas toes and you are always curling them up under your feet.  or spreading them out like a fan.

how you have an obsession with straws, lemons the cat and every light fixture/ceiling fan in the house.

that you look just like your daddy but have a little bit of me in there somewhere

that whenever i wipe your face with a wet wipe, you try with all your might to eat it.

it when we are both sporting our skinny jeans

how you wave both hands uncontrollably

how you smile with your eyes

that you make me want to have lots of babies.  you're just that good

how EVERYTHING goes in the mouth

your toothy grin

your juicy lips

your big brown tootsie roll eyes

your dimples


how you love me too....i can tell.


The Andersens said...

what a cute post!! its all of those little moments and memories that just you and scott have with her that are so so special! Gabby is at such a fun age. i think every age and phase is fun. She is absolutly darling!! Miss u girlfriend!!!

sinika said...! This is the sweetest post ever! I love little Miss Gabby and all of her pics! She's lucky to have you for a momma!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Hey you! Wow I feel like we haven't seen eachother for forever?! Gabby is sooo cute! I can't believe she's sitting up, and has teeth. She is getting so big! This post was so cute, love it! Ok so we need to get together soon, please! Love ya.

Mrs. Ham said...

ohhh gabba goo goo, i miss you. boo hoo. ok onto the real stuff now. her and the light in the office. just cracks me up thinking about it. haha.

Mama Swalz said...

What a sweet post!! I miss my Gabby Girl- she's so dang cute :3 She's growing up too fast! Give her kisses for me!!

The Hunzikers said...

I love, love, love these pics. I think the curling toes is my favorite. What a cutie patootie.