Friday, October 15, 2010


These past few weeks have flown by and when I take a minute to look back at them I realize that we have had some major milestones take place!!

Scottie and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on September 21, 2010!! I feel like I just got married to my man last year but It's crazy to think that we have actually spent the last 3 years (plus the dating days) together. It has gone by so fast! I love this man with all my heart! He really makes me so happy. I'm so blessed to know that we have eternity to spend together. There is no one else in this whole world that I'd rather be with. I love you babe!

4th of July

Engagement Pics

Christmas 2009

Trip to Europe

Skiing & Boarding at Brianhead

Goofing Around

Closing on our first home!

Smoovie Night!!

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Happily Married

Yesterday we celebrated Scott's 29th birthday. He freaks out a little to think that he is 29 but I love it. I love how he gets even more handsome with each year. Time has been very good to him :-) Our little girl will be lucky if she looks like her Daddy! Isn't he a head turner!!??? I love this picture!!

Another milestone we have seemed to encounter is this growing bump in my mid section and all the fun little things that come along with it! I remember the day we found out we were going to have a baby and it seemed like January was forever away! Now I look back and think, where did the time go????? We will have a family of three come January and we couldn't be more excited! Over the past little bit we have purchased a crib... (sorry for the small pics, they came from my phone)

painted her nursery...

...and are now the proud owners of a STROLLER!!! (Many thanks to Auntie Audrey)

For Scottie's birthday, his sister Audrey came up to visit us and she asked Scottie what he wanted for his birthday. He told her he wanted something for the babe :-) I think it's so sweet that he is so excited to be a Daddy to his future little girl and that he is already thinking of her before himself. I know that there are a million other things that he wants, but it was fun to walk into Babies R Us with his sister and to see him so excited to show her the stroller that we wanted. He quickly rolled it off the display to show her all the cool gadgets that it had and all the things it could do. He will definitely be the best Dad ever. I am so excited to see him with her. It's weird to see these things around our house and I know that these are just a drop in the bucket compared to everything else that will soon come, but I am loving each and every item that comes along and will gladly welcome the rest!


Meg and Reed said...

I love your "smoovie night" that is a great idea! I'm jealous that your baby date was bumped up a couple weeks. I would love to have my baby now!! even though we still haven't really prepared for her yet. I miss you!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!! You two are going to be such cute parents! I am so excited for you. Any name ideas yet?

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Happy three years, Happy Birthday Scottie, And Happy baby stuff! I Love the crib, so cute!! Looks like you got a Chico stroller,
you'll love it!! Can't wait for next weekend! Love Ya.

The Thomson Three said...

Jeff and I are so excited for you! We have the same stroller, too. We love it. Its a good one;)

The Peterson's said...

Cute story about the stroller! You guys are so cute!

Lindsey Walker said...

Congrats on 3 years!! You have accomplished a lot in those 3 years. You will have to post pics of the baby nursery when you are done, I am sure it will be sooo cute! Have you thought of a name?

Cody and Wendy said...

I freakin' miss you! And yes...PLEEEAAASSSEEE can we hang out soon?!?! I'll call you and set something up. By the way, you are the SEXIEST prego lady alive. That 6' plus, sexy frame of yours is IDEAL for carrying the wee ones! You're a foxy babe and I REALLY miss you. I LOVE your crib and am SOOOOOOO excited to see that little girl! :) I'd better get an invite to a shower because I want to spoil that little girl too! :)

The Andersens said...

Happy Birthday to Scottie! And happy Anniversary!! and i love the crib girl, and the strollar. We need to get caught up. Like big time. Im calling you ASAP