Friday, November 19, 2010

Shower for Baby G

This last weekend my lovely sisters: Amy, Megan and Sini plus my fantastic mama "Special K" Threw me and baby G a shower. Let me tell you! It was so perfect and they definitely went all out, I LOVED it! It was so good to see my friends aka college roommates, high school buddies, and many more. I can't even tell you how spoiled I was. A huge thanks to my sisters and mom for making it such a special day and another huge thanks for my many friends who spoiled me and this lovely bundle of joy on the way.

All my fabulous friends. Don't worry, I know it looks like we are the type to put up Christmas decor WAY to early but my mama had hip surgery and wasn't wanting to deal with it afterward so we put it up beforehand. :-)

Yummy food!

My sister Amy made me this cute little diaper cake that I didn't want to take apart to take home.

My sisters put up pictures of the babe and me and Scottie when we were little. SOOO cute!

More Yummy food!

Me with Ginger, and Hadley & Hannah. I taught Hannah last year and just fell in love with her and her sweet mom. We got to be good friends and I am so grateful for their support and friendship. They were the best little present passers you could ask for!

Me & Tiercy. She and I got to be good friends about two years ago when I taught her little boy Ethan. LOVE this woman!

My dear friend Melissa and Jace. We lived by each other before we moved into our new house. Love this lady and her mad pumpkin carving abilities but we sure miss being their neighbors!

Good ol' Shelli!! We have known each other since Pre-School and are still good buddies. She is prego with a little girl as well! We can't wait for our little ones to meet! Maybe we will dress them up in matching dresses and teach them Frosty the Snowman so they can sing it together at their pre-school program. hahaha good times!

Wenders and Kenli!!! Oh how I love this woman! We met back in college at SUU andwere roommates as well. She is the happiest most positive mother of two and can brighten anyone's day! She is one "foxy" lady!

Ahhhh Jess! We have been best friends since our days of being office aids in eight grade! Also roommates at college and have sooooo many good memories of hilarious times in High School on.

Sweet Stephanie Humble! Gosh I love this woman! She is one remarkable lady and I sure miss living close to her. We met back when we lived in Pleasant Grove before we moved. And then there's fantastic Kate. I taught her little boy Carter last year and fell in love with him and his awesome personality. She is a wonderful mama and I have so much to learn from both of these ladies.

Me opening some fun gifts for me and the babe! Thanks mom for the cutest diaper bag...

and MANY other things!

Then I came home and decided that time is a tickin' and it is time to start finishing up those little to do's! Too bad all I want to do is sit in her room and think of what else I can do to it. Don't mind the fact that I have a never ending list of things to get done in my classroom, but for now it can wait....let's just hope that I have a MAJOR nesting phase in the classroom and at home. Here is the next project that I feasted my eyes upon yesterday. And don't you worry if I had only "remembered" to get the supplies, I would have them made right this very minute they are that cute :-)

Now all that is left in her little room is...

-A new dresser (yes the one that I fell in love with and ordered is not my friend at the moment and the drawers are already slipping of the track and won't stay in. Can you say disappointment? YES!!!

-Wait for the chandelier to arrive that will suit my baby girl.....its' on back order till December 22

-A garbage for those stinky little diapers that will soon be appearing left and right

-A cute lil hamper that will hold all those many changes of clothing

-Some cute decor above her crib

-Oh...and of course a sweet little baby girl :-) Can't forget about miss lamb


ME! said...

You're so cute! Your baby is going to be such a spoiled little princess. Can't wait to meet her!!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

Your fam did a great job, it was a cute shower, and you got some really great stuff! That's too bad about your dresser. Bummer! Your ticker says only 44 days left, that's so soon! So exciting! Love ya!!

The Peterson's said...

Looks like you had a great party! Glad that your little one is on her way, that is worth celebrating!

Tiercy said...

What a fun day! Thanks so much for including me. You have the best sisters and mom! I really enjoyed meeting them. Btw - I love the chandalier idea! so cute! and those flowers are darling.

Lacey said...

Hey Girl! You forgot to add another thing on that list...pick out what you want from me! We never got a picture together BOO!!!
Can't wait to see the little lamb!
Love Ya!

Lindsey Walker said...

Looks like a fun shower! You will love being a mommy, it is the best thing in the world. Can't wait to see how cute she is!

Lea Tame said...

I have the same exact picture of pom poms to make for our little girls room! You look so great!

Cody and Wendy said...

Cutest shower EVER! Your sisters are ALMOST as darling as you! :) Those Swalberg jeans kinda rock!! Thanks so much for inviting was SOOOOO good to see you! And seriously you are the CUTEST prego lady ALIVE, or should I say FOXIEST! :) You're a babe! I'm calling you ASAP to set up a play date before that little chica momma comes! :)

The Bartons said...

Ahhhhh... where was my invite? I've known you since you moved to Highland!! I'm hurt:) plus I have two girls, I could have hooked you up with some good girl stuff!