Monday, November 29, 2010

What Would You Do??

This weekend Scottie and I went to buy a bunch of stuff that we needed before the little lamb arrives! I can't believe I have only 35 days left or 5 weeks! Time is a flying and that means I must be getting busy! So off we went to Target and bought a...

pack and play
changing pad and changing pad cover
bath basin
mirror for the back seat so I can see my little lamb at all times
little gadgets such as a thermometer, nose sucker, etc.
and our beloved baby monitor.

Oh yes, folks we are quite excited about this little invention. I will be able to see my little girl at all times and I'll be able to know if she's hungry, if her binkie fell out, be able to see her breathing, etc. all because of the Summer Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor.

After we wheeled our two carts of lute up to the check stand, we cashed in and used our gift cards making our purchase of what we thought would be a lot more a not so bad $345.00 grand total. Then we headed over to Babies R Us to grab a few other things that Target didn't have and found that our fantastic baby monitor was on sale for yes, $50.oo less! We were ecstatic and we even more excited that we were going to get it for additional 10% off after the sale price because it was on our registry. We decided to get it and then head back to Target to return the other monitor and get our money back. We were very excited since that would make our first purchase a lot less and our wallets a little fuller. Well, when we walked up to the customer service counter, the teenage boy continued to tell me that we couldn't take it back because it wasn't on the receipt??? Ummmm, HELLO??? We just bought everything about 30 minutes ago on this receipt, I knew it should be on that receipt. After being a little puzzled, we decided to go home with two monitors in hand. Then we started backtracking. That's when I wondered if I had even put the monitor on the counter to pay for it. We did have a lot of other things that we left in the cart because they were too big so I thought maybe it was underneath. That's when my little mind remembered the guy taking the security device off it and asking us when we were due. We told him January 3rd and we was excited because his birthday was on the 4th! I KNEW that I didn't leave it in the cart. Case solved. The cashier took the security device off, but didn't ring it up. Then our guilty conscience kicked in and we knew we had to return it. So we walked back into the store and explained what had happened to the two teenage boys behind the counter. They were shocked that we would even return it!!! It felt so weird just handing it over and walking away. I, for some reason thought that streamers should come down from the ceiling and some TV host would come out with a big check from "What Would You Do?" and reward us for our good acts of honesty. but no. We handed the monitor over like I was handing someone a tissue.
So much for getting our money back. No wonder why I thought that we were getting a TON of baby stuff for such a little price! The most expensive item wasn't even rung up! We just knew that if we had kept it that we would feel guilty every time we looked at our baby girl in that monitor. All I can say is, she better be a little angel since we are little honest parents to be. haha.


sinika said...

You guys are so good! I was just thinking about how little time you have left until she's here! CAn't wait to meet her!!!!! (And spoil her.) :)

Tawni & Dan said...

Sounds like you are totally ready! Can't wait to see her cute face. I love this story... It reminds me of a time when a cashier gave me a $10 bill back instead of a $1. I went back up to the register and told her and gave it back. She was so annoyed with me! Ha ha. She gave me the worst look and switched the bills without saying a word. Haha! I felt the same way- where are my balloons and streamers? But I guess its better than the horrible feeling you would have if you didn't do it...

Tiercy said...

So funny, we were having an honesty discussion with our boys, after reading that section in the For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet, last night for FHE. You will be such great examples to your little lamb.

The Andersens said...

I knew we were friends for a reason :) You definetely made the right choice! same thing happended to me a couple months ago- We were in San Fran and they should have charged $50 more then they did. But i didnt realised it til we got almost to the car, so I had to drag both kiddos in the cold back into the busy busy store. But you cant put a price on honesty and the way it makes you feel when you are on honest :) It was SO GOOD to see you a few weeks ago. Im so glad I was able to come up! cant wait to meet baby G! I love her already!!