Friday, December 3, 2010

Scottie's 10 year Reunion

Last weekend Scottie and I headed down to his home town for Thanksgiving. Stupid me forgot to get pictures of the feast but while we were down there, we got to be there for Scott's 10 year class reunion. Scottie graduated from Valley High in Glendale, Utah. I loved how quaint and cozy his little high school was. I always tease him about being from a small town but truth be told there are many advantages about being from a small town. I enjoyed getting to talk to some people that grew up with my honey. They are really great people.

Crystal, Harmony, & Scottie. These girls are the sweetest! I met them last year at Christmas and I loved getting to know them a little more.

Harmony and Crystal again. Crystal makes cakes and this one was delicious!

I was curious to know how many people were actually in Scott's graduating class. When I asked him he said about 40. That's when i asked someone else and they told me 28. haha. And he thinks that I'm the rounder??

Here are a few that made it to the reunion decked out in their bright orange!! I can't believe that there were only 28 in his class! It think it's even crazier to think that I graduated in a class of 800!!!

John, Harmony, & Scottie

And last but not lease Scott's best friend James. He now lives in Cedar and has a beautiful wife and two adorable little girls.

So glad I got to visit the home of the Buffalo!


sinika said...

What?! That was smaller than my English class! How fun. And weird. I can't even comprehend it. :)

Brittany said...

Thanks for posting some pics! I was really sad I couldn't make it! Stupid sinus infection!! Anyways I wish I could have saw you guys. Glad you had fun!

The Bartons said...

wasn't our graduating class like 503?