Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grandpa Steve's Birthday

I know this post is a little late but I've been meaning to post this for a while now, and since I have been going a little crazy getting everything ready for the babe I realized that this man is going to be a grandpa again in a matter of a few days ( 12 to be exact)!

My dad with a few of his biggest fans: Elliott, Lincoln, and Oliver on his birthday

All I know, is that my dad is the greatest dad in the world (which is an understatement times 50) and even better, the best grandpa in the world to his five soon to be six grand kids! I love how he is a wealth of knowledge about anything and everything and can always make you laugh or smile when it's been one of those days. I love that I can call him and rely on him more than a GPS when I'm lost in the middle of nowhere. Or the fact that whenever someone finds out that I'm his daughter, they always say "I LOVE your dad!". He is the type of man that will literally give you anything, even if it was all he had. I love how he always wants to know how "the babe" is doing and is always making sure that I'm comfortable and not pushing myself too far while I'm teaching. My little Gabby will be soooo excited to meet her grandpa and I know that he will be so excited to make her Cream of Wheat or home made waffles late at night when she didn't want anything to eat at dinner because she "wasn't hungry". I know that she will love his laugh and will laugh along with him because his laugh is so contagious. So, happy birthday dad, pops, Grandpa Steve. I am so privileged to call you my dad and grandpa to my soon to be daughter. I love you!