Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good for the Heart

Since Scottie has signed up for the Saint George Marathon, he has been running his little guts out!  Since I like to run I thought it would be fun to train together.... until he starts geting into the higher digits that is.  I was a little worried that maybe I should have stayed solo, but I think I surprised myself!  Lately Scottie and I have been running up to the temple and back which is five miles from our house.  I usually just go for three and call it quits.  Tonight we ran up to the high school and back which is a grand total of 8 1/2 miles!!! As for me, well I have really enjoyed running with my sweetheart for a few good reasons like...

-I get to spend more time with my man
-Scottie is my personal cheerleader.  He is constantly cheering me on when I feel like walking instead of running
-Men work out harder, therefore....I work out harder.  
-We talk about our day, buying a house, work, funny stories and before you know it we've gone a mile
-I get to run through the sprinklers (yay!)
-It makes me appreciate my man more because I KNOW he can run a lot faster and a lot further but he sticks with me instead of leaving me in the dust
-It feels really good when I'm done
-It's good for the more than one way ;-)

Thanks babe for pushing me!! Love you! 


Natalie Kay said...

So cute!!! I want to start running regularly but never find the motivation. Maybe you will inspire me. :)

What happened to your Europe post?

The Peterson's said...

It is nice to always have support around you!

Tiercy said...

Good for you! I had no idea. I just blogged about conquering Unity Pass (you know that big hill that goes out to city center). You should run the Provo River half Marathon with me. I am running one for the first time and I am so excited. If you can do 8 1/2, you can do a half. Think about it.

Lea Tame said...

Wow! I doubt I could run from one end of the school to the other! You are amazing and what a great way to spend time together!

The York's said...

Hi Friend!!! I haven't talked to you in forever. Way to go on the running, I miss running, haven't done that in a long time!!! Love ya

Tiercy said...

The half is August 8th. If that's a little soon, then there are always others. no pressure. What is is they say: misery loves company. ha. jk. I love running.

However, if you are interested, here is the link:

swalberg family said...

I'm so jealous! I wish we lived a teensy bit closer... but wait- then I'd be the 3rd wheel Heh Heh!