Saturday, July 4, 2009

Megan & Tanner's Wedding

The night before Megs and Tanner got married they had a big family dinner.   It was so fun and I'm so excited that my little sis is marrying such a good guy. He has such a neat family and we are so excited for the two of them. At their dinner Tanner's family prepared some pretty funny entertainment. They sang the song "A Bicycle Built for Two" and of course they changed the lyrics so it was hilarious. Then both families got up and did "The Top Ten Reasons Megs and Tanner Should Get Married." It was quite funny as well. But best of all Tanner got up and sang Megs a song. I thought it was so cute! Way to go Tanner!

My parents also woke up to a wonderful mess in their backyard the day before the wedding. Someone had put soap in the waterfall so it looked like this....

Thankfully they got it all cleaned up just in time for the reception the next day.  
On June 27th Megs and Tanner got married in the Salt Lake Temple, and are now officially Mr. & Mrs. Ham. Their wedding was so beautiful and the reception was a blast!! CONGRATS!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Ham

My parents and the newlyweds

The Swalberg Family

Last words of advice for the newlyweds...

Father of the Bride

 Because of the big day we had lots of family fly in and it was SO good to see.... 

My Aunt Amy and Uncle Jim who live in Florida.  Plus little Gracie who I finally got to meet for the first time since they adopted her!!  SO CUTE!

My sister Amy and her husband Cody.  Don't forget Little Kenz and Baby Collin.  They live in Indiana (soon to be Las Vegas) so I'm excited for them to be a little closer!

Collin and Kenzie

Cody, My Aunt Carma, Aunt Suanne & Uncle Paul

My Granny, Big Amy, & My Aunt Debbie


swalberg family said...

Haha! Love the little "advice" pic- too funny! ;)

Cindi said...

The Lamb's and the Ham's. Why do I find that funny? :)