Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smoothie + a movie = Smoovie Night

This weekend Scottie and I were wanting to go out but not spend too much money. Well, we looked up movie times and then decided that we didn't really want to go see a movie for $17.00. I still remember going to the movies in high school and it was $3.50??? So we hit up the dollar theater instead and saw a movie for $2.50 (total price for both of us) afterwards we hit up Jamba Juice and enjoyed a nice smoothie on a hot summer night all for the price of $8.00 so let me do the math for you.....

Two movie tickets=$2.50

Two Jamba Juices=$8.00

Total price=$10.50

Smoovie night with my lovers=Priceless


Loftus' said...

Hey! We miss you too! Could you just move up to 2nd grade??!!?? I can't belive school is starting in 1 month - time flies by way too fast! We'll let you know who the new teacher is - Ash has been hoping for Miss C of course! :)

The Andersens said...

You and Scotty are so cute girl... I love nights like those!! Definetely priceless!! I cant wait to see you saturday!! It has been way too long!! Love ya and call me this week!