Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i remember....

.... picking out a crib and how non of them seemed to be perfect.  Until we found this one. 

....sitting in your room debating on what color to paint it when we found out we were having a little girl.  I think it took us 20 trips to the paint store before we found the just right color we were going for.  Every shade of gray turned out looking like that ugly goose egg blue that was popular when I was growing up.

.....spray painting billions of frames and then going to print your pictures and we decided on a whole new idea and ended up not to using any of them....except this one.  

one day when I'm in the mood I will find the a frame for the bigger picture.

...Picking out your bedding and making sure it was just right for little G.

 ....picking out chandeliers and how your Daddy fell in love with this one.  He has pretty good taste don't you think? 

... trying to decide what to do above the crib.  When I finally figured it out I ended up with several blisters from the hot glue gun and a severe phobia of it.  But you were worth it.  


....when I had been looking forever for a cute nightstand that wasn't over $400 and your awesome Grammy found this cute bargain at a yard sale for $25.  It used to be yellow but we spent hours stripping it only to find that it was green underneath and then modge podged.  Then we repainted it and now it looks like this (more to come on that story later).


 ....the day I tried to justify spending $1,200 on a swivel/glider chair from Pottery Barn (haha).  Then your Daddy talked me out of it.  Then the next day he stumbled upon this cute Pottery Barn chair on KSL for $40 bucks.  He ran and borrowed your Grandpa Steve's truck and picked it up for me because he knew how bad I wanted a comfy chair for those sleepless nights.

...when Grammy kept asking me over and over "Are you sure you are going to name her Gabby?"  and "How sure are you on Gabby?" or "How are you planning on spelling Gabby?"  she wanted to be sure so she could surprise me for Christmas and make these cute block letters for your room.

.... going to every furniture store in the world trying to find a dresser that was just the right height for your 6 feet + parents.  You'll thank us one day for your height....I promise!


....but most of all I remember coming home from a long day of teaching school and sitting in this room after each addition slowly appeared. And when your Daddy came home the first thing we wanted to do was go sit in your room and talk about our day and how we would spend hours past bedtime just hanging out and talking about what you would look like and what it would be like to be your mom and dad.  And now looking back I remember  how much I thought I would love you but somehow I was wrong, because I love you much much more than I ever thought I would.  

Love you Gabby Girl

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

picky eater

At 5 1/2 months Gabby was grabbing at everything I would eat.  She would give me those puppy dog eyes like she wanted what I was eating and I started to feel as if breast milk was just not cutting it.  And so the intro to solids began....

I knew she wouldn't like it at first and it would take some time.

But this little one refused:

rice cereal mixed with b. milk
oats mixed with b. milk
cereal in a bottle
green beans
sweet potatoes

you name it. she did not like it

I would wait a few days then try it again and each time I got this....

and this...

and this....

bitter beer face 

Until one night I was eating an orange and I thought what they heck maybe she'll like it?  So I let her suck on a slice and she went to town!

Then the next day I was so excited that maybe she was finally catching on to the whole solids thing so I gave her an orange again.  And she wanted nothing to do with it.

Then today when I was eating strawberries and yogurt, I noticed she wanted some.  So I chewed up a strawberry and put it on MY spoon.  I didn't even dare put a bib on her for fear she would catch on to what I was trying to do.  So it looks like little G likes strawberries and she cant't get enough.

Funny thing is I gave her strawberries on my spoon about two weeks ago and she loved it so I gave her some more the next day using a plastic spoon and she wouldn't have anything to do with it.  So much for buying plastic spoons?  I guess if it helps her eat her solids and sleep through the night I'll do it!   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

online shopping

I love it when I'm lying on the floor with G and she gets excited because I have my computer out.  Well one morning I could tell she was just fascinated with the clickity click of the keys so I pulled up a blank Word document and let her try it out for herself.

Some how she managed to pull up the internet and before I knew it Macy's popped up on the screen.  Apparently she decided to show me the new bedspread that she wants for her future big girl bed.  

Who knew someone so little could have such a distinct taste already.  

I'm in trouble because.....that makes TWO girlies that like to shop. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

just can't get enough

I remember before I had Gabby thinking to myself what it would be like to be a mom.  I knew I would love this little girlie, but oh my goodness do I love her!  My mom and I talk about how funny it is that she came one day and BAM we fell in love with her.  And there is no going back.   She has stolen my heart (and her daddy's and everyone else for that matter) and she has us wrapped around her little finger.  I seriously can't believe she will be 6 month this week.  Time really does fly and I want to remember this fun stage.  Every little piece of it.  She is a doll and I don't think I could ask for a happier baby.  I mean really have you ever seen a happier baby? I love her! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

half work, all play

Thanks to "Half Day Fridays" during the month of July at Scott's work, he got to come home early and spend a little extra time with his little Rue Rue.  They had lots of fun if you can't tell...

He just loves her to pieces.  Now, if only every day was a half day Friday and that it was summer vacation for me all year round.....then I'd sure be a happy camper.  

luncheon with my ladies

It seems to be a tradition in the making with these ladies.   Every summer after we've all had a chance to wind down after the stress of teaching, we I congregate at the fabulous Kneaders and eat some yummy french toast (to die for actually) and catch up on some girl talk.  I love these girlies.  

 chelcie & camille

me, mr will, and mama mair aka christine

 french toast divine

finished product