Tuesday, July 12, 2011

online shopping

I love it when I'm lying on the floor with G and she gets excited because I have my computer out.  Well one morning I could tell she was just fascinated with the clickity click of the keys so I pulled up a blank Word document and let her try it out for herself.

Some how she managed to pull up the internet and before I knew it Macy's popped up on the screen.  Apparently she decided to show me the new bedspread that she wants for her future big girl bed.  

Who knew someone so little could have such a distinct taste already.  

I'm in trouble because.....that makes TWO girlies that like to shop. 


The Funderburks said...

Nope, she was just telling you she wants to meet her future friend "Macy Funderburk"! So funny, Andy's laptop is OFF LIMITS to Macy but she knows she can grab at mine :(.

BTW, I get Macy's clothes from lots of places: baby gap, target, old navy, osh kosh outlet in st. george, nartje. I can't wait until she fits into the crew cuts clothes (I'm saving my pennies)!

Meg and Reed said...

I love it!!! Sage reaches for Reed's Ipad all the time. We finally gave her an old touch screen phone and she always manages to somehow pull up angry birds and some random golf game. It's hilarious.