Wednesday, July 13, 2011

picky eater

At 5 1/2 months Gabby was grabbing at everything I would eat.  She would give me those puppy dog eyes like she wanted what I was eating and I started to feel as if breast milk was just not cutting it.  And so the intro to solids began....

I knew she wouldn't like it at first and it would take some time.

But this little one refused:

rice cereal mixed with b. milk
oats mixed with b. milk
cereal in a bottle
green beans
sweet potatoes

you name it. she did not like it

I would wait a few days then try it again and each time I got this....

and this...

and this....

bitter beer face 

Until one night I was eating an orange and I thought what they heck maybe she'll like it?  So I let her suck on a slice and she went to town!

Then the next day I was so excited that maybe she was finally catching on to the whole solids thing so I gave her an orange again.  And she wanted nothing to do with it.

Then today when I was eating strawberries and yogurt, I noticed she wanted some.  So I chewed up a strawberry and put it on MY spoon.  I didn't even dare put a bib on her for fear she would catch on to what I was trying to do.  So it looks like little G likes strawberries and she cant't get enough.

Funny thing is I gave her strawberries on my spoon about two weeks ago and she loved it so I gave her some more the next day using a plastic spoon and she wouldn't have anything to do with it.  So much for buying plastic spoons?  I guess if it helps her eat her solids and sleep through the night I'll do it!   


Leslee said...

Starting solids sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just let her gnaw on a green apple... That's all I remember you ever eating so maybe that's all she wants! ;)

Natalie Kay said...

Camden's first food after rice cereal was fresh avocados, have you tried that? It's still one of his favorites.

Lisa Riddle said...

Ha, ha, maybe you are going to have to gag down a few bites of baby veggies (gross) so she will want it.

Meg and Reed said...

So.. Sage is crazy and will eat anything put in front of her... she did have issues with green beans and sweet potatoes but I fed them to her with a straw (she sucked it out of the bottom of the straw) and she was all for it. She also really likes Avacados too so I would definitely try that. Sage isn't big on rice cereal though, even if it has fruit mixed into it.

The Peterson's said...

You will find out what she likes! But those faces are still cute!