Monday, April 11, 2011

Gabby is 4 months

gigi enjoying herself some tummy time.  

Oh wow! Where has the time gone?  Little miss Gabby J is 4 months already and absolutely lovable.

Length: 27 in 99%
Weight: 15 lbs 78%
Head: 41.4 cm 60%
(looks like she has caught up a bit in the head and weight range hehe)

Just a few things G can do

roll from her tummy to her back (3 1/2 months)
roll from her back to her tummy and prefers to stay that way ( 41/2 months)
smiles and giggles all the day long
sleeps from 7:30/8:00-7:00 ish give or take a few minutes
takes three naps a day.... maybe a fourth little cat nap to get her by till bed time
only goes to sleep once she has scooted her head into the corner.  So we just put her in the corner now and bam! 10 minutes later she's out!
steal our hearts in a matter of seconds with that smile
 Helping me and Grammy make strawberry freezer jam 

 making me jealous of those eyes and I did not put lip gloss on her

enjoying some bath time with mr. duckie

love you gabby girl


Natalie Kay said...

What a doll! Happy four months little Gabby!

sinika said...

Cute little babe. She just gets cuter everyday- how is it possible?!