Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bits and pieces

This little girlie has...
Long fingers like her mama. Yes, I may have longer fingers than Scott but his hands are bigger.

Big eyes like her mama and auntie megs.  I have to be careful because this little girl could ask for anything she wants and flash those eyes and I'd instantly give in.  Boy if looks could kill.


Long leggies like her, well both mom and dad.

 Luscious lips. I remember looking at the ultrasound thinking  boy oh boy will I have to fight of the boysies when this one gets older! Question is, where can I get some chops like those because she sure didn't get them from me or her daddy?  People pay good money for lips like those!

And toesies like her mom. I have nice big spaces in between my toes that when I go get a pedicure, they don't even bother putting toe seperaters in my toes?  They are naturally spaced haha
But get this!  Even though Gabby has bits and pieces of me....she is a spitting image of her daddy.  
Who would have thought?  


Mama Swalz said...

Sooo cute! Love this little girlie girl!

Lindsey Walker said...

She is so beautiful Christie! And those lips are to die for, sooo cute. Don't you just love how you see a little bit of yourself in them? Max has my lips and eyes and I love it!