Saturday, April 30, 2011


We finally blessed our little G on Sunday April 10th.  Scottie gave such a sweet blessing and I am so grateful to him for honoring his priesthood so he could be the one to bless our little girl.  Afterwards we headed back to our house to celebrate her big day with lots of family and friends.  

 Auntie Megs and Unlce Tanner with Gabby

Mr. Lincoln can't say a whole lot of names yet, well ok maybe just his brothers, but loves to point and say Gabba every time he sees Little G.

Ethan and Elliott.  Elliott is my nephew and his best buddy from school just happens to live right behind me and I sure love his mama Joy.

 Chelc and Tyler

Grandpa Steve

 Lacey and Nate

Yummy cookies
 lots of warm yummy goodness

 Grandma Jo

Poor little Gabs was so tired.  She fell asleep just as sacrament meeting was getting out and then she woke up as we put her in the car seat.  Then as we got home she never had a chance with all the hustle and bustle.  As I was holding her she kept yawning and head bobbing and then all of a sudden she just collapsed on my shoulder and she stayed that way until everyone left.  I sure enjoyed the snuggle time.

 I on the other hand was tired as well.  I don't know why I always tell myself that it won't be that hard to make several food dishes and make it to bed at a decent hour?  I finally went to bed at 2:00 and you can definitely tell in this picture just how tired I was.  I was secretly excited to take a nap when it was all said and done!

you can never get too many kisses

Gabby in her blessing dress.  
 In fact, she wore my blessing dress
My sister Amy's blessing dress
My niece,  Kenzie's blessing dress
My little sister Megan's dress

 That's right we all wore the same blessing dress.  My mom also was so creative and timeless to stich all of our names and blessing dates on the inside of the slip.

just a little bright out...

Scottie, me, Gabby, and my parents: Grammy Gramps 

 Scott's brother Uncle Tommy was up for some training at Camp Williams and was able to swing by for a bit.  Too bad he leaves for his second tour of Iraq in June :-(

Gabby was ready to get out of her dress and take a big looooong nap.  And indeed she did.  After everyone left and she was in her lounge clothes she took a four hour nap!
We love you little G and yes, we are so blessed to have you!


The Funderburks said...

What a beautiful day! I love that blessing dress tradition.

The Peterson's said...

She is so beautiful and I am so happy your families special day went great!

Mrs. Ham said...

gabbbba gabby ohh the wittle gabby gabs. thats what i would say to her right now if i was holding her. hahaha!

The Andersens said...

She is SO prefect in that little white dress! And i LOVE that all of you girls wore it! Priceless!! Love all of the pictures. You guys are such a cute family. Miss you girl

Cody and Wendy said...

Oh Swals I'm still so sad we missed her special day. I felt like I was there through your pictures. She looked DARLING and I LOVE that you all wore that dress. What a special thing! And p.s. you are FREAKIN' ADORABLE! Seriously, what a babe. Did you REALLY just have a baby skinny mini? You look awesome! Congrats on such a special day.