Saturday, April 16, 2011


Every morning (it seems like lately) I walk into Gabby's room when I hear her morning calls and I find this little girl has scooted and cornered herself.  But she doesn't seem to mind...

...and now when I put her on her belly for tummy time she rolls over!  I couldn't believe it the first time, it just had to be a fluke.  So I put her on her belly again and again and she kept doing it!

...and then there's the need to stand.  She just loooooves to stand! 

I love that she is getting, but at the same time it's bittersweet. For some reason every time she does something new, I think what??? Already?  I guess I just can't get over the fact that she is no longer a newborn but a THREEEEE month old and that everyday she is getting closer to new things.  My goodness they grow fast.  

Slow down little girlie! 


Beth said...

She's probably going to be an early crawler! Isn't it so fun to watch how much they change in such a short time??? It's so funny how they start moving around in their crib instead of staying in one place, and why is it that they love to smash themselves in the corner? So funny. She has the cutest smile...melts my butter!

Gabe, Melissa, and Jace said...

She is so dang cute! That is really good to be rolling over at three months, go Gabby! That's funny that she corners herself, Jace use to do the exact same thing i would go in his room and it never failed, he would be lodged in the corner. Thank goodness for bumpers right?! She is deffinately a cutie, and I love her bald head!