Friday, October 21, 2011


last weekend we went to the zoo with our friends ...



 and jace man

bright eyed and bushy tailed G

 this time around was a lot better than our trip to farm country with little g.  She got nap her nap in on the way up so she was one happy camper.

we started out our tour of the zoo with the monkeys.  it seriously is the best thing in the world when i see gabby get excited over something.  like when this little guy ran up to her when scottie held her up to the window. 

  too cute 

then we were off to see the elephants

can i just tell you how old i feel now that we are the ones pushing around a stroller at the zoo??

lunch time

hello mr better hide, thanksgiving is right around the corner

beautiful fall leaves

this tiger was so fascinating to watch!  after starring at us he got up and decided he needed to cool off and went for swim.

these ice cream cones hit the spot!  it was the perfect day

  don't worry, i only had one {i don't like chocolate ice cream}


when i was little we used to go to the zoo all the time!  once when i was there we got to see the birth of  a baby giraffe!  i wonder if that little guy is still here??

i loved how close we could get to the giraffes!  Gabby especially loved it!  i seriously wanted to feed this little {maybe not so little) guy.

with mom

daddy and G

watching the giraffes from the inside

 melissa and G

jace man

i can't keep this little girlie dressed for the life of me!  she eats her shoes, socks, headband, etc. 

to end our trip we took a ride on the train

by the end gabbers was ready for a nap

overall, i think it's safe to say we had a zoopendous day.


Mrs. Ham said...

she's soooo tall! and cute! i remember wanting to drink out of the lion fountain when we were little! oh the hoogle(spelling?) zool!