Monday, October 24, 2011

big girl

this weekend we lowered the crib. yep, the day has finally arrived (finally meaning not a happy day).  i miss my little g being so little.  she is growing up too fast.  she's sitting up and pulling up and crawling all over the place.  i have had to make sure that every little tiny scrap is off the floor because this little one will go to great lengths to get it and swallow it before i can get to her!  for example, the other day i was changing her diaper and was freaked out by the blue poop! yes in know, blue poop. that was until i looked a little closer and realized it was the corner of a magazine page!  silly little girl.  taking paper away from this girl is like canceling Christmas.  

before i know it this little one will be in a toddler bed.  GEESH!


Rachael said...

She is adorable!!!!!