Saturday, October 1, 2011

"liquid gold" pancakes

if you know my dad then consider yourself a lucky individual.  and if my dad has ever made you his famous flax seed/whole wheat pancakes, then you can now pass on to the next life knowing you have reached your full potential.  my dad is the breakfast king and you haven't had a good breakfast until you've have breakfast with grandpa steve.

  well, gabby has been having some issues in the plumbing department (if you know what i mean) and then only thing she wants to eat is bananas...which aren't really doing the trick to get things a movin.  so you can see why i got excited when i thought of a plan!  how about some flax seed/whole wheat pancakes eh??? they're my daddy's specialty.

so, i asked my dad to whip up a batch and of course he was all over it because well,  he loves to cook for just about anyone.  well of course as luck would have it, little G can't have any eggs or cow's milk yet so my dad had to get creative.  i'm sure a little bit wouldn't have hurt her but we wanted to be safe.  i could see the wheels turning in his head and then, i could see the light in his eyes as he said "how about mother's milk!" so, instead of using eggs he added a little banana and instead of cows milk he added well, my milk.  since i am a working mom, therefore i pump and therefore i have plenty of extra milk on hand.  so much, that even my parents have a little stash in their freezer...just in case.

i know you're probably thinking.....that's a little strange? but it was actually quite hilarious!  soon my dad was grinding flax seed and whole wheat in his vita mix, adding liquid gold from the my freezer stash, and experimenting to make sure the texture was just right, and before long the pancakes were hot and ready. 

"liquid gold" pancake batter

grandpa steve cooking up a storm 

pancakes hot and ready

I took a sniff and to my surprise, they smelled really good!  so good, i wanted to try some.  but i wasn't too fond of eating something i had produced, so i passed them off to little G who scarfed those puppies down so fast she had beaver cheeks goin on.

then we all had some for ourselves....don't worry ours were breast milk free.

    scottie eating his pancakes as far away from gabby as possible.  we call her....grabby gabby

now all we have to do it let the pancakes do their thing and hopefully gabby's plumbing system will be back on track in no time.  


Natalie said...

Wow, talk about one creative dad. I am super impressed! Whenever Brooklyn had back up issues, we always gave her prunes and she was going within a couple of hours. She loves them though; not sure if Gabby will. We still use them on and off.

Meg and Reed said...

Haha. I love grabby gabby. Sage has attacked a couple of my plates and drinks.. I try to keep her away but sometimes i forget. Haha

Rachael said...

This is so something I would do too! Oliver also suffers with plumbing issues! It seemed to start when I stopped breastfeeding though! Hope it all works out!!!

The Funderburks said...

So love this story. Hope she can work things out in the plumbing department!