Tuesday, March 15, 2011

look who's 2 months

Goodness gracious I can't believe how fast time flies!  I could have sworn I just had a baby like, yesterday but unfortunately little gabby is already 2 months old! 

Little G is as happy as can be and so are we, so we have some stats to report!! Here she is after getting her shots, band aids and all! 

Weight: 11.6 pounds = 25%
Height: 25 1/2 inches (wowzers she grew a whole 5 inches!!!) = 97%
Head:  39 cm =25%

Gabby Loves to...
*Take her nightly bath....except when she has to get out and shivers from head to toe due to the cold air

*Befriend the hairdryer after her nice warm bath, which warms her up from head to toe 

*Hold her head up all by herself.  In fact this little girl was holding her head up all by herself at 3 weeks.  I hope this doesn’t mean she is going to be a strong headed child....

*Sleep with her hands above her head 

*Sleep through the night.  Yes that's right 10:30ish-6:00 on weekdays and till about 7:30 on weekends.  Hopefully she will sleep in a little longer once school gets out for mama.  I hate waking her up at 6:00 to eat but I sure do enjoy the playtime before I go to school.

*Smile, Smile, Smile!!!! She's a straight face kinda gal until you put her on her back and then she is all smiles and we just can't get enough, even when she has an extreme occasional blowout....
 Yes, that is poop all the way down in her feet???? Don't ask how it got all the way down there?

*Coo, ahhhhgooo, bawwwwizzzz, & snort (yes she is our little piggie) and we are shocked at how much her little vocab continues to expand each day!

*Watch mom make a fool out of herself while trying to get her to smile and laugh!  

 *Make big wide eye looks like “what the heck are you doing mum??”
haha I can't get enough of these faces! 

*Face out so she can see everything.  Just like her mama.  Doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

*Fall asleep with the blanket against her cheek.  It’s a must.  

*Be held on the left side, sitting on your arm, so she can look to her left.  Occasionally the right but the view from her left is the best apparently

Little G
Roo Roo
Baby Girl
Gabba laba ding dong
$ G Money $
Baby G

*“The kissing machine” Scottie just can’t resist and he gives her these loud fast kisses, 20 per second to be exact, that send her into a mad fuss!  

*Being held on her back, unless she is about to fall asleep. 

Other loveable tidbits:
*She snorts like a piggie if she gets too worked up.  

*Pretty sure that I could stare at her luscious little lips all day long!  They are so perfectly heart shaped!  

I remember when I went in for her ultrasound and the tech snapped a shot of her lips.  Sure enough she came out and wowie!  I’m gonna have to fight off the boys when this little one gets older. 

*Love her little dimples that show up when she smiles.

*Has the funniest little sneezes in the world!  She winds up and sneezes like an adult who just inhaled a pound of pepper.  One day I will get it on video.  It sends us into hysterics every time. 

 It's funny to think that she has been with us for 2 months already.  I feel like its been years.  How did we ever get by without this little girlie?  I'm not quite sure?


Natalie said...

Such a cute little girl. I love all the little things you've documented about her. I can't believe that she is 2 months old already!!! Time sure flies and they grow up way too fast!

The Peterson's said...

Time seems to move fast once you have a little one! Just enjoy it because it seems to slip away. She is such a sweetie!

sinika said...

Ahhh! She's just so sweet! And how is it possible that she gets even cuter every day?!

The Hunzikers said...

Is it just me or does she look EXACTLY like Scottie???? She is a L-O-N-G!!! Although, I'm not surprised! Time is flying can she be 2 months??