Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Fourth! (a little late)

Oh my goodness I swear it was the 4th of July yesterday and I have been too lazy to post about our fun filled weekend!

Scott's family came up and stayed with us for the 4th and we all went to this lovely show...

I was very excited to see this little lady...

and be there with this handsome man...

to watch a lot of these...

Unfortunately our tickets weren't all together so Scottie and I went off on our own little way and I was even more excited when my good friend Julie called me and said that she had two extra tickets! Well we racked our brains for someone that she could give them to. When we found someone who could take them we had this genius idea to give them our tickets and sit by my friend maybe even get better seats. We ended up sitting on the sixth row and had a blast! Thanks "girlfriend"!

Sunday night we went over to my fams and had a yummy BBQ and lit some fireworks! We had blast and can't wait for the 24th so we can do it all again!

Meggers and my mama

The Nephew (Elliott and Ollie)

Me and a really cool sparkler

enjoying some fantastic ribs and BBQ chicken! Dad you are a master on the grill! Oh wait, you too Tanner!

Little Linc, my Dad, Megs and Tanner

and yes megs....if these pics look slightly familiar its because I stole them off your blog :-)


The Andersens said...

oh that was a fun night! Cute pictures... I was so sad I left my camera in the car that night :( when you have to pack jammies, warm clothes, toys, treats, bottles, warm water, ect unfortunelately the camera was not on my mind... :) it was so good to see you and Scottie... and I love that you are posting alot these days...that way i can keep track of you! well that sounded weird? you know what i mean? :) love ya girly!!

Mrs. Ham said...

umm i'll say these pics look familiar! haha glad they were used for something good! xoxo