Friday, July 23, 2010

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

I am so excited for Scott! Recently we found out some great news!!! Here is why! a while ago Scottie was applying for jobs. One of them was the IRS. He started interviewing in January and was offered a position for the IRS starting in March. Problem was, he wasn't going to be done with school yet and would have to fly to California for training and and would have to finish his school work on the weekends. Let me remind you that this was his last semester in the masters program and I NEVER saw him anyway due to the amounts of homework and studying, so I was a little nervous about him leaving me and coming home on weekends to be up to his eyes in books. But it would only be for six weeks and he would have a job. After talking with his professors, they worked out a way for him to finish school and work at the same time. Problem was he would graduate with only C's which wouldn't look very good on a resume if he chose to leave the IRS. After much thought he turned the job down and began looking for other positions. Knowing that the IRS would be hiring 7 more people in July, he planned to reapply and start interviews in a few months. After looking elsewhere for jobs, we both were getting nervous. We didn't really want to leave Utah for a job since we had just bought at house. It seemed as if the only job postings were required to have 2-3 years experience. Not so great for someone who has just graduated. After a few more interviews with other places we only found out that most companies weren't going to be hiring at all due to budget issues. At this point we were getting worried but still had the hope that if he didn't find a job there was always the IRS as a back up plan. Well, one day Scottie was once again looking for jobs when he got a call from from KPMG (which is one of the big four accounting firms). Scottie had applied for this job knowing that they wanted 2-3 years experience. They wanted to call and interview him over the phone. The interview went well and he should be hearing back soon. In the mean time Scottie then had got a call from another job that he had applied for long ago. It was He went in for an interview and told him that he would hear back by the next Friday. Well as luck would have it before he started hearing from all these companies, Scottie was nervous that he wouldn't find a job and so he started studying for the CPA exam which takes a year. The plan was to get a part time job and study his brains out then reapply later when he had his CPA. He found a part time job and on his last day of training he got an email from the IRS saying that they would not be hiring anyone. We were nervous that our job opportunities were slowing dwindling. Later in the day while Scottie was working he got a voicemail from telling him that he had the job and they wanted him to start right away. We felt so blessed since he had just received a job offer. Well he still had one other job that we were waiting for and since he needed to let Overstock know what he planned to do he called KPMG. They said that they really liked him and considered him for the job but there were other people working out of state for KMPG that wanted to transfer. Unfortunately they had priority over him so it looked as if Overstock was the right fit after all. We couldn't be happier since he LOVES his job as the new Corporate Accountant for and was able to start right away. Another blessing for me is that he will leave for work around 8:30 and he gets home around 6:00 which I was very happy about since if he worked for KPMG he would practically eat, sleep, drink KPMG. He would also work really late hours starting in January which I wasn't excited about since that's when the babe will be making the big debut. We are very happy and we are so glad that the job hunt is finally over! Congrats on the job babe I am so proud of you and all your hard work!! I Love you!


The Peterson's said...

I have a friend that works at I grew up with him in Green River his name is Dan Gebs. That is so fun! Tell him Congrats!

Loftus' said...

Awesome!! Congrats!

Tiercy said...

That is awesome! Congratulations to Scott!