Friday, July 9, 2010

5:00 am

Since I've been prego, I wake up what seems to be every morning (yes lovers I'm speaking in absolutes haha) with all sorts of crazy dreams to re-tell to Scott. Let me tell you CRAZY!! I know it all has to do with this bundle of joy that is growing inside me but maybe our little one is prepping me for when he/she finally arrives. Tonight (yes I will say tonight because I should be sleeping even though it's almost morning) I was dreaming that I was shopping with my mama and for some reason I picked up a magazine and put it to my ear.....then out of nowhere there came this HUGE spider/ant/wasp flying around me and landed on my face. Well of course I jumped right out of bed and even woke Scottie up. I was relieved to know it was just a dream but then when I tried to go back to sleep I was bored of sleep and.......I was hungry....VERY HUNGRY. So here I am enjoying my watermelon, sliced apple and string cheese. At least it's a healthy middle of the night snack right?

Some symptoms of being prego that I have felt so far...
* A good three weeks of being tired....very tired but now we are good to go!
* A little feisty-ness/don't mess with me attitude (sorry lovers)
* Hunger like to other!!! I swear I eat every ten minutes
* I hate gum.....I only chew a 1/2 or a 1/4 of a piece and then end up spitting it out because it's too strong for my taste
* My Honey Nut Cheerios taste a little too sweet for my liking
* A few freak out moments when it really hits me that I'm going to be a mama!!
* A few more melt downs due to the stress of planning girls camp right before school starts.
* Oh, and did I mention crazy dreams?

So far I feel great. I have a hard time thinking that I'm prego because I'm not showing yet and I for the most part feel the same except for the few things listed above. I know I am one lucky girl to have had a smooth ride (so far) and hope that it continues this way. I think Heavenly Father must think I'm a wus so he didn't give me all those other joys of being pregnant.....he just knows I wouldn't be able to handle it I guess. haha anyway, I'm going back to bed so I can enjoy my last few months of sleep! I'll post picture soon! Night....or should I say good morning? hmmm


The Peterson's said...

Sleep... Who needs sleep!?! Good luck with the next 6 months!

The Andersens said...

Girl you crack me up!! I remember those nights of not being able to sleep...and now I would kill for more..!! Sleep all you can!! Im so glad you are having such a good pregnancy!!! Cant wait for your cute belly to show!! Love ya!!

The Funderburks said...

I totally feel you on the symptoms. I remember the wild dreams, but the dominant theme was that my baby would be born one minute and be 2 years old the next minute. I have to recommend this book that I have LOVED - it provides a place to document all the joys of the pregnancy journey (dreams, doctor's appointments, you name it). It's called Waiting for Baby:

Rowley's said...

I don't miss those dreams! Luckily I didn't have many of those. I've heard that if you feel feisty and aggressive during you're pregnancy it could mean your having a boy, maybe because of the male hormone... I wouldn't know if that's true because I don't know how to make boys : ) There are a lot of gender myths and they are almost never right but still fun!

Julie said...

COngrats! SO exciting for you guys!