Friday, June 18, 2010

The Case of the Missing Keys...

A few weeks ago, my wonderful school secretary, the fabulous Kristy Tyson called and asked me if I would come and speak to her young women at girls camp. I agreed and up I went to Heber Valley Camp. It went great and it was a lot of fun and I was glad to have it over with because it had been stressing me out. When I got home I was so excited to just sit and do nothing because I was not longer stressed about this event. The second I got home I relaxed and didn't do anything but read a good book and put my feet up. Well the next day I went to find my keys and couldn't find them. The first thing I do when I can't find my keys is blame Scottie. Why? Well lets just say that that boy and keys go together like oil and water. He is always losing my keys. For example, back during the school year when I was teaching, if I happened to be running later than usual, people would always say "Did Scott lose your keys again???" So as you can see he has a reputation for losing my cords, etc. The next day, which is today, my husband left to study for the CPA exam and I was to go to the bank to get checks (since we are completely out) so we could pay the landscapers. As I continued the search for the missing keys, I came up empty. I looked.....
in every article of clothing Scottie and I own
In every drawer in the kitchen, family room, bedroom
in the fridge
under the couch
under the bed
under the car
in the car
under the couch cushions
in the pantry
in the freezer
in my purse (checked inside and out)
in the garage
in my bathroom
in the laundry room

You name it! I have looked everywhere! I only have one set of keys and the car is in the garage. I haven't driven it since the day I went up to Heber, so I know they have got to be somewhere!!! So while, I was looking for my keys I began to get stressed because the landscapers were almost done with our yard and they needed to be paid! Luckily I found one, scraggly little check in my old purse but the problem was I needed not one check but two checks!!! So here I am chatting on line with Scottie, because he doesn't get service in the bottom of the BYU library. I asked him if for some odd chance he would have them in his backpack. Of course he says no and says "I guess you could walk to the bank?" I of course laugh because there is no way I am going to walk to the bank. I continued my search and even asked my mom if for some reason they would be at her house? Again I was left without keys and my landscapers were wrapping up. I called my sister in law down the road to see if she could take me but she was in the middle of running a half marathon (Go SINI!) then I asked if my friend Joy wanted to walk. her other car broke down and her husband had the car so I figured I might as well have some company. Of course she had just left five minutes ago, IN HER CAR, to visit her old neighbors! I began thinking of other options. I felt too dumb to call my busy neighbors who all have several kids "Hey do you mind rounding up your kids, buckling them all in and taking me to the bank??" haha I don't think so? I could ride by bike which has a flat, I could put on my running gear and make a run for it...purse in hand, or I could just walk. So, I swallowed my pride, grabbed my purse and started the long walk to the bank. I was just starting to feel sorry for myself when my good friend Jolene who lives across the street, was on her way home from a walk. She asked me where I was headed off to. "Oh just off to the bank! I can't find my keys and I need to get checks to pay the landscaper before they're done!" She of course came to my rescue and told me that she would take me! Oh my heavens was I so grateful for her in that very moment! I was worried I would get hit by a car or get kidnapped walking along Redwood road. Thank you Jolene for your kind service! Now if I could only find those keys......let's take bets. Do you think it was me that lost them or Scottie?? I will let you know. Until then I will be chilling at my house with nothing to do.


Tiercy said...

Christie, next time call me! I am always appreciative for a change of scenery.