Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Getaway

This year for my birthday, Scottie took me to Vegas to see The Lion King!!!! I was so excited to go because I've heard how amazing it is, and indeed it was! Here we are waiting for the show to start!

While we were there we stayed with my sister Amy. I haven't been to her new house since they moved back from Indiana so it was a lot of fun staying with her and hanging out with my cutest niece and nephew!

Ames and Collin, me and Kenz

Collin and Me, Scottie and Kenz

My niece, Kenzie, has got to be the funniest girl I have ever met! Last time they came up to see us she forgot her FAVORITE toy Jessie, from toy story. This little girl ADORES her! and that is an understatement, so you can imagine how devastated she was when she forgot him at Grammy's house ! So since we were headed down to Vegas, Grammy asked us if Jessie could hitch a ride with us. While were driving and getting close to Vegas, I sent Kenzie a text with this...

"I'm coming Kenz!!"

and she sent me one back with this.....

"YAY!! I've missed you Jessie!!"

She was so excited haha what a funny little girl! I loved hanging out with you guys! Thanks again Ames and Codes for being such wonderful hosts! And thanks Scottie for such a wonderful birthday present! I love you :-)