Friday, July 13, 2012

a week with daddy

Scottie had the week off last week and we made the most of it.  I do have to say that we couldn't be more opposite in one area.  Vacation.  For example-when we go on vacation it clearly is not going to be a vacation but rather a few days of being booked solid with craziness and dont forget NOT sleeping in.  I'm a lay out and read a book by the pool kinda gal while scottie would rather hike Everest and run an iron man. Needless to say he compromised this past week and we did do a lot of fun things that weren't too over the top and had a blast.

We started celebrating Father's Day in   Lake Powell with Scott's sister Audrey and her family.  Gabby-summed up in one word?- exhausted.  I'm certain if she had a silent dark room to sleep in then she would have loved it even more but she didn't do much swimming and I will blame it on sleep.  I envy those people whose children fall asleep in their arms in public places.  I still remember when we are at Aunt Crystal's wedding last summer and the wedding was smack in the middle of nap time.  One of Scott's family friends came up and told me he could get her to sleep, he had six kids and "he does it all the time".  Sure.  Go ahead.  He came back an hour later and was shocked that even he couldn't get her to sleep.  Scottie says she's just like me and doesn't want to miss out on anything-ha. She still had a blast playing in the sand and with Uncle Tommy's doggie and eating all the junk food she could get her little hands on.

Poor scottie- even though we were on "Vacation" he still was making sure all was well with the jobs he was on.  such a handsome man :-)

Gabbers enjoying her favorite "Nilla Waffers"
 I think gabs spent the majority of the time in her diaper-i got tired of peeling a wet swimsuit on and off so once she was done swimming, I was done dressing!

why am I sitting in the shade-especially with that pasty skin?  No idea!   Probably because gabs didn't want to swim and I just wanted a comfy chair.

gabby and her crazy curly hair

love those lips

Gabby finally adjusting to the water
so tired

After we got back we hiked up to Timp Caves.  This was my second time hiking it.  I think I was about ten last time so it was fun to see everything again.  Gabby didn't like the hiking back pack we put her in so Scottie being the awesome dad that he is, held her the entire way!

I think scottie and I had to duck about 50% of the time

The heart of Timp 

stalactites and stalagmites

me and gabs at the top- she was ready for a nap.....about the time we entered the cave.   poor planning on our part

veiw from the top

 The next day we went and fed the ducks.  It brought back some good memories going to the park that me and all my friends in high school would go to and hang out.  Good times.  These ducks were funny and probably well fed which was why they came and ate a little but definitely weren't as hungry as we would have liked.  I think we chased them all around the pond trying to feed them.  Silly ducks.

Then we came home and played and played.  Love this little girlie and how she loves to wear my sunglasses.  

I got the biggest kick out of her trying to ride the animal train.  she kept getting frustrated that it wouldn't pull her.  haha silly girl

That night we went to the rodeo {my first} scottie has been several times because, well he grew up in a small rodeo kinda town 

Mr. Jace

 enjoying some yummy strawberries and cream 

before it started we walked around to get a look at the animals.  

getting ready to start

gabbers and jace

  This cowboy rode on up to us and started talking to the kids.  
Gabby had no problem getting right up there.  

Hanging out with Gabe, Melissa and Jace

me and gabs.  I can't stop laughing at her face!  she was so confused at how she could see herself when I flipped the camera around on my phone.  

Then to top it off the last day we headed to the splash park.  Gabs didn't seem to like it because it was really cold and I think I've learned that with gabby you can't just throw her in.  She has to decide for herself and then go.  Then she loves that kind of thing.  Maybe next time.  

It was a fun and crazy week!  We also hiked up the Provo Canyon trail and had tin foil dinners at my parents house but silly me forgot to take pictures.  Oh well.  We had a blast with daddy! 


The Hunzikers said...

Love all her darling bathing suits! She reminds me sooo much of Heidi...that whole napping thing especially. I have never been able to get her to fall asleep somewhere besides her own bed at nap time. Will Gabby sleep in the car at least? Heidi won't. Heidi is also one that has to get used to the idea of something before she will try it--especially if it involves water. And the last thing that I thought was funny and reminded me of Heidi was her riding her toy. Gabby is at least a little smarter and will ride a toy that makes sense. Heidi tries to ride her farm. Sure would be fun to get these two girls together sometime!